Hi! My name is Sheri and I like to think that I’m kind of fashionable. I have too much clothes, not enough closet space and not enough cool events to wear them to. I wouldn’t call myself a slave to trends, but I have been known to jump on the bandwagon. But I’ve also been known to hate things with an intense passion. No one knows what to expect really. I’ve always wanted to write about the stuff that I’ve bought, the stuff that I see, the stuff that I love and the stuff that I hate. So here I am, giving it a go. My main inspiration is the girls over at GoFugYourself.com. They have incredible personality in the way they write, and an amazing talent for creating crazy analogies, and I inspire to one day be able to compare an model and her outfit to motor mechanic strip club and have it make perfect sense. I disagree with their comments on about 50% of the outfits they judge, and I love reading the discussion on the commments on each post and getting all up in the argument. So I figured, why not create the discussion instead of just getting involved.
i hate capital letters. i hate the way they look, i think all lowercase looks much better. i also have a weird habit of putting spaces between words and question marks ? i dunno why i do it ?
But because some people kind of get the impression that I’m illiterate when I write the way I like best, I’ll stick to (near) perfect grammar and spelling just for you guys.

I hope this becomes a real thing that real people see, and not just a figment of my imagination!

Love! x

instagram: sheridanhes

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