It’s Okay, General Public – Heidi Klum Is Just As Confused By Dress Codes As You Are // 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards

As someone who is neither German or American, I’m not sure it’s within my rights to call Heidi Klum a national treasure, but I’m gonna do it anyway. What a TREASURE she is.

I don’t know if this is like a recognised thing, but what is it about models always having trouble with gauging appropriate attire? Like they obviously look amazing in whatever they wear, but it always seems to be like “wow, she looks amazing despite the fact that she’s dressed for daytime brunch at an evening awards night”.  Heidi Klum is one of the best examples of this because no matter what the event, she seems to be slightly confused as to what she should be wearing.

Case in point: The KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS:

The Kid’s Choice Awards is the perfect place to wear a groovy playsuit, or something covered in sequins, or 30000 exciting colours at once. It’s where you can wear something pretty off-kilter or playful or fun, and it’s not weird or underdressed because it’s for the kids! They love that wacky stuff! I’m not sure it’s the place to wear split-to-the-thigh, 1000-cut-outs bandage dresses. There’s no denying it looks good on her, but it just really doesn’t make a lot of sense in the context of this awards show.

But at the same I just can’t condemn her for it, cause it’s Heidi Klum. I’m sure she has some legacy as a supermodel and that’ll probably hang around for a while, but in all the times that I’ve seen her appear in public, her legacy is being perfectly lovely and great-looking but always slightly off-centre in her attire.

She is the spirit animal of not quite knowing what to wear – getting it just wrong enough that people notice, but not so wrong that anyone makes a big deal about it. She’s us when we wear leggings to somewhere that probably needed at least jeans. She’s us when we think we can get away with “jeans and a nice top” (the eternal outfit of all confused girls everywhere), but when we rock up, everyone is in cocktail dresses. She’s us when we overestimate just how smart “smart casual” really is.

And (to add some sort of continuity) this is why she is a national treasure. Because she is all of us at one time or another. From now on whenever I misinterpret a dress code I’m not going to admit any fault, I’m just gonna say “Oh I’m just pulling a Heidi Klum”.

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