I Own The Outfit A Celebrity Wore To The VMAs // The VMAs

You read that right folks. The outfit that a beautiful, incredible, famous and probably filthy fucking rich celebrity wore to a massive awards show lives in my cupboard. I can recreate it with little to no effort, simply by reaching into my drawers and pulling it out in it’s amazing entirety.

How is this possible you say? Well, it’s not really public information, but Valentino just happens to be one of my closest friends. I call him “Val” for short.

Hahhahah soz, I had to run with that at least a little bit.

Alessia Cara shocked a lot of people by rocking up to the VMAs dressed in what you’d probably throw on for a low key party for one of your close friends.


Needless to say, I approve of the general theme of this look because I own a close copy of all of the items that she’s wearing.

The question everyone seems to be asking: Is it okay to wear this to the VMAs?
Obviously everyone else was dressed to the 9’s in their best dresses and suits, and this is probably as casual as it gets.

Aside from my own feelings about when to dress up and when not to, I think that it shouldn’t be a problem. Guys have been wearing some lackluster shit to awards shows for years (LOOKING AT YOU KANYE). If they can slap on some chinos and a white T-shirt that they haven’t bothered to iron, and its fine, don’t ANYONE be getting up in Alessia’s grill about not rising to the sartorial occasional.

Personally, I feel her on a spiritual level. I can flat-out honestly tell you that I feel my hottest when I’m in leggings and a t-shirt. If I could wear ripped black jeans to every single occasional I 100% would. Casual is my go to, my comfort zone, and my one true love.

Here’s me being Alessia Cara, right down to the choker (in much worse lighting and with a much worse background).

And as always, because it’s not really a fashion post if you don’t explain the pieces, here is the breakdown of my copycat version of Alessia’s outfit so you can recreate it yourself on the cheap!

Some of these I bought overseas, so it’s just easier to list their price in their natural currency. Also some of these are way old, so may not be for sale anymore.


Army jacket: Bershka – 35 Euros.
“Freedom” long tank: Bardot – $10.
High-waisted jeans: Ziggy Denim – $95.
Sneakers: H&M – 12 Euros.
Black string tie necklace: Bardot – $15.
Long necklace with pendant: Lovisa – $6.

This is probably the only time I’ll every be able to imitate a VMAs look, so I’m holding it near and dear to my heart!

Photo of Alessia can be found here.

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