Krysten Ritter Just Exploded My Ovaries // The Costume Designers Guild Awards

OKAY HOLD UP. STOP ALL ACTIVITIES. Can we please just take a minute to take in how hot Krysten Ritter is? Like everyone is always going on about Jennifer Lawrence – no, have you even SEEN Ritter?

Like I mean A) That dress, although quite nice, is not really a sex bomb kind of a dress. It’s more of a gliding daintly to dinner with your rich husband dress. Yet B) I’m still having multiple orgasms looking at her. I’m not sure how these two facts are possible simultaneously, yet here they are, HAPPENING.

And it’s interesting because it’s actually SO FAR from what I would ever pick for myself, or the style I would normally like. And she’s still working it insane well. I think it’s very important that it’s pulled in at the waist, if it wasn’t it would be way too sack like. Otherwise I really don’t have much to say about the dress itself – it’s not particularly noteworthy. It’s the way she’s wearing it that is amazing.

If she been a blonde, or had not worn dark lipstick, this would have washed her out for sure. Especially considering her porcelain skin tone. The necklace and bag create important contrast as well. She basically needed to make everything she was wearing to be opposite to the dress to ensure she didn’t look like a naked, flaky person, and that’s exactly what she did.

She reminds me a lot of Eva green, who by the way, I also think is insanely hot.
Let’s just sit here and appreciate dark haired women with porcelain skin and dark lipstick unto infinity shall we.

Link for the pic is here

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