The Pick Of The Show // The Grammys

There was a lottt of great stuff this year at the Grammys, and chosing my favourites was pretty difficult. But I put myself through this great suffering just to deliver for you guys. It’s fine, please, stop applauding.

It seems the slinky gowns appealed to me most, in the absence of any real show stopping major gowns – excluding my overall favourite that is!

Bella Hadid looks like an absolute minx in this. It’s got exactly the right amount of boob, the right amount of cut outs, the right amount of leg split. If you want to do everything at once, this is how it’s done! It’s really aided by the black shimmery fabric, as anything more exciting would have probably looked a little much with some much going on with the cut of the dress, but plain black is a bit dull. This is the Goldilocks of looks, everything is just right!

Ciara went very brave with a waist high split that would scare most people off, but she pulls it off with aplomb. The rest of the dress is quite classy, when considered in isolation, so that makes sure the overall comes off as simply daring, instead of tacky. I also appreciate the hair – flowing locks would have been a little much I think.

Although this isn’t the best I’ve ever seen anyone wear, Elle Goulding is pretty clumsy when it comes to dressing herself for red carpet events. Sorry babe, but it’s true. There’s not many times I haven’t seen what she’s wearing and inwardly sighed a sigh of frustration and pity. This is not awful. It’s actually pretty great. Could do with a better fit around the waist, but it’s still a darn good effort. If the Grammys were a sports end-of-season presentation night, I would award her “Most Improved”.

And my total overall best dressed, goes to Lianne La Havas. In one of the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen, working in perfect conjunction with the wearer. That green against her skin is pure magic, her up-do is royal worthy, and I might consider murder to get my hands on the dress. Although chances are I’d look no where near as good in it as she does.

Hands down, so incredible, legions beyond everyone else.

That’s it for my Grammys coverage! What was your favourite outfit of the night? Do you agree with what you’ve read in reviews, or have your own take?

Pics can all be found here

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