Now You See Me, Now You See… More Of Me // The Grammys

I was astonished when I pretty much agreed with the general consensus about the worst dressed at the Grammys this year! Normally I’m over here complaining about nakedness that doesn’t look creative nor flattering, and all the magazines and websites are like YASSSSSS BODY GOALSSSSSS. But I feel like we may have finally reached the point where wearing as little as possible is no longer coveted nor shocking, cause we’ve had an over saturation. I also feel like point should have been long before now but hey, pick your battles right.

Before I jump right into it though, I do have this to say – before the Grammys I had no idea who any of these women were. Obviously they are somehow at least slightly related to the music industry, whether it be they’re an actual artist or just some rapper’s girlfriend, but before this post I could not have picked them out of a line up. I didn’t know their names. Do I know their names now? Well not really, but I am way more familiar with their faces (and way too much of their bodies). So did they really pick these outfits (which range from why to DEAR GOD NO) because they actually thought they were a great choice for an  international red carpet, or because they knew it was the best shot they had at getting covered in articles around the world?

…. the plot thickens.

Joy Villa decided to go with an outfit that has a slave-princess-Leia-bikini kind of base,  and then just decided to go the full haul and channel the Sarlacc Pit Monster for the main portion of her outfit. She also looks like she has a trailing black cape, so that could definitely be the evil Emperor? Star Wars, is what I’m saying here.

I actually really like her headdress, it looks a little tribal in the purple beaded material, and the black material just looks really striking in general. I’m not kidding, keep that thing for the Melbourne Cup this year, you’ll turn heads for the right reasons.

Jacqueline Van Bierk looks like she went up to her stylist and said “I want.. Sexy Feathered Vampire Bat!”. In which case well done to that stylist, cause she absolutely nailed it. I think this would look considerably less insane without the bat wings coming off her shoulders. Although then you scroll down to her shoes and just realise it’s a lost cause.

Z Lala (like Lady Gaga but with more zzzzzzzz) actually has the base of a really good outfit. Seriously, if that skirt had a front that was not just rubber spider web, this would be really interesting and cool. I mean it definitely still is in a way, and it looks much more put together and thought out than both the outfits before. I can see how all the elements fit, what thought processes went into this, and I’m honestly a fan of all of them. If only naked fever hadn’t taken over.

I saved the best/worst till last you guys. This lady (whose name is Manika) is NOT wearing underwear. I repeat, she is NOT wearing underwear.

Just so you know I’m not kidding.

Kiss my assets. 🔥 #GRAMMYs

A photo posted by Manika (@manikaofficial) on Feb 15, 2016 at 4:50pm PST

I’ll just be over here clutching my pearls, if nobody minds.

Which one is your most least favourite?

All pictures are from here & here , and the last pic is straight from Manika’s instagram!

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