Goddess Giuliana Ranic // The Grammys

The more famous you are, the coverage you’re going to get at an event. Simple as that. And I mean, it makes sense, people want to read about people they’ve heard of and care about. It does often mean though that absolute gem outfits get missed, mostly because the person wearing it wasn’t famous enough. If the outfit is really bad or REALLLLLY good you might score a couple of mentions, but it’s unlikely outside of dedicated fashion blogs.

So right now I wanna do a shoutout to my babe Giuliana for wearing one of my favourite looks of the night and get little recognition for it.

Whilst she is one of the more famous reporters, at the end of the day , no one is lining up to see her. But she rocked the hell out of the red carpet in this completely mesmerising Jani & Khosla dress. The sheer work that must have gone into this is a whole thing on it’s own. The gold looks amazing against her skin tone, and I just love the complex mirrors and hook eyes across her sternum and down the skirt. Textured dresses really are one of my faves, and this one is pure incredible. I was thinking that maybe I would have been okay with the detailing at the top continuing down the whole dress, but I’m also not even slightly mad that it doesn’t. Bracelets and earrings are perfect with it, as are the shoes.

I just love this all over. It has a slightly Egyptian vibe for me, I’m not entirely sure why, but it just makes me love it even more.

Pic is from here

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