Ariana Grande & The Body Morph Dress // The Grammys

Ariana Grande is a stunning looking girl, there is no denying that. When I first saw this dress in a thumbnail, I was pretty excited, because it’s wayyyyy outside what she normally does. She’s the same age as me, and like me, unless specifically told otherwise, her style is definitely more fun-party than classy-glamorous. She does hot pants, crop tops, leotards, all the outrageous 20-something stuff. And so we bloody well should (yes, Ariana and I are now fighting the haters together), because we have like 80 years to wear classy things, but only about 6 more years before people start telling us to put down the mini skirts and bra tops (never!).

I digress, like I always do. But my point is that I never would have picked in a million years that this is what Grande would wear to the Grammys. Especially the Grammys of all places. I mean, I get that the Grammys are pretty much the music equivalent of the Oscars, but it’s always just gonna seem like another MTV Awards to me.

I think it’s safe to say this is one of her first forays into award show elegance, if not the actual first example. And honestly, the best way to describe it is… awkward? I’m not a fan of the line through the middle, kind of makes the dress looks like a corset top sewn to a skirt. I feel like it should have been all structured, like the top, or all more smooth and flowy, like the bottom. I’m definitely for graceful marriages of different materials and styles, but I don’t think this is one of them.

Also, I’m pretty sure Ariana Grande has a waist???? It’s gone missing in this dress though. I’m not sure how, but it’s somehow making her look super boxy, like her entire body is square.

And I mean really, she could have done with doing something different with her hair, but I know she said that she had to dye it so much for Disney that it’s all wrecked so she can’t wear it down yada yada yada. You a celebrity though. If anyone can work some hair miracles, you can.

Loving the intentions, loving the direction, not so much loving the results. Excited to to see what she’s got in her fashion future though!

What do you guys reckon, am I being way harsh?

Pic is from here.

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