Demi Lovato Doesn’t Care For Your Opinions, She’s Got This // The Grammys

Is it too gross if I used the word “SLAY” ? Probably. I mean, I don’t feel like I have to pander to the new slang just to get my point across. But it’s pretty much the same thing if I say Demi is killing it here, which she most definitely is.

One review I read of this outfit pretending to mistake her for Demi Moore, but then somehow turned it into an insult? Who exactly is offended by being told they look like one of the hottest women on earth (who happens to be 53???? SERIOUSLY WHO LOOKS LIKE THIS AT 53)?

I honestly surprised myself in liking this, because it really is quite business-y. If she put on a shirt and sewed that slit up just a smidgeon, she would not look out of place in a boardroom. I’m a sucker for industrial metal jewellery, the hardware hanging around her neck and placed on her fingers is definitely making me salivate.

The thing I love about this most though is that she looks a lot more grown up than usual, and seriously just straight up badass. She’s that aunty your hardly ever see. She turned up to your second cousins funeral, yet somehow still looks cool and mysterious despite the grave situation. You want to be her, but at the same time you’re kind of scared of her.

Are you feeling all the feels I wanted you to feel from that paragraph? I hope so, cause I think I got a little lost at the end there.

This is exactly how I would describe a “power suit”. She is read to take on the f’ing world in this black get-up, making funny & sarcastic remarks as she pushes her enemies aside, and hardly breaking a sweat whilst doing so.

Just look at that facial expression, it tells you everything you need to know.


Link for pic is here

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