So Close Yet So Far, Taylor Swift! // The Grammys

I kinda hate that I’m starting my Grammy coverage with Taylor Swift, cause she’s been the focus of almost every Grammy related article/click-bait/fashion review since her red carpet appearance earlier today. But because of that, I’ve already read most peoples opinions of what she wore, and am aware that I disagree with pretty much everyone. Or I have a viewpoint that no one has shared yet.

Either way – uniqueness points to me!

So seriously, lets get into the nit-picking. As a whole, I mostly don’t like this. I think there is HEAPS of potential, so many awesome elements, but everything has just fallen a little short.

For starters, does her top not look too small for her? Like I’m aware that it’s a boobtube, but I feel like it should come either further up towards her neck or further down her waist, not stop at the points that it does. It doesn’t really look like a top, it looks like a place holder for where a real top should be.

Like “Hey I love this pink skirt, what shoes should I wear with it? I’ll just chuck this top on in the meantime whilst I try on 80 different pairs of stilettos. Oh it’s time to leave??? Whoops, no time to change now!”

She has a killer body, that’s for sure,  but I feel like all those straight lines around her mid-section (top of tube, bottom of the tube, top of the skirt) are sectioning her up, and making her look very pointy and harsh. This is not helped in the slightest by the Anna Wintour hair cut. I’m much more “each to their own” with hair and don’t usually comment on it, as I feel like it’s a much more personal thing, but for this ensemble the blunt chop really plays into the rigid vibe she’s got going on here.

Hate that you can see her underwear/under garment also. It may well be part of the look, considering it’s the exact same colour as her skirt, but if that’s the case then I DON’T APPROVE YOU HEAR ME. I’m actually quite a fan of leotard and skirt combinations, but this one just looks like a mistake, ruining any chance it had of just looking like a cool little feature of the outfit.

My MAIN quarrel with this outfit though (that’s right, we hadn’t even got to the biggest problem yet) is that the midriff gap is just far too big. If you’re gonna wear a top that tiny, your bottoms better be seriously high waisted. Or you better be in bathers. A gap that large just looks really strange for me and is honestly why I struggle with wearing those tiny bra-like tops when I go out. I like them, I just can’t find something high-waisted enough to put on the bottom, so that the midriff gap doesn’t look gaping and awkward. If you can’t put your hand over the gap and cover it, it’s too big for my books.

I mean, I sound like a mega bitch right now, pulling apart every tiny detail of Taylor’s look, but I’m grading on a curve here. She looks amazing about 96% of the time,  so when she puts a step put of place I’d say it’s fair to pull it up for dissection. Honestly if she wore a different top, I would probably be **praise hands** emoji-ing all over the place right now.

But just before we close off this post with a “Needs Improvement” report card for Ms Swift and send her off home, is her Grammy-wear this year not extremely similar to last years? The skirt design is basically the same, the whole outfit is the same shape, it’s a combination of two bright colours, both have strappy shoes, the hair isn’t THAT different…

I dunno T Swiz, you may be in a Grammy rut. Still love you though, continue pissing off Kanye for us plz.

2015 Taylor pic is from here, 2016 Taylor pic is from here.

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