Elizabeth Banks & Alicia Vikander // The 31st Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Today on “Events You’ve Never Heard Of”, Elizabeth Banks wears a dress that could have easily pulled her best dressed at the Oscars. Damn girl, why you waste that talent.

I can’t even describe how much I’m in love with this dress. The lace detail is so incredibly beautiful, and even through it clearly has to have a slip or underdress of some sort, you can’t even tell. It just looks like an extension of her body, it’s so amazingly made. The deep V neckline isn’t too broad, making it more of a teasing glance rather than a full view. The quarter sleeves are so perfect too. I probably wouldn’t have picked them myself if I was designing this dress, but they definitely turned out to be the right decision. And the tight bun with the released fringe is incredible with it as well. Knowing me I would have styled it with soft waves, but El Banks probably made the better call.

Alicia Vikander, who just recently starred in “The Danish Girl” as Eddie Redmayne’s wife, took a totally different approach. It was still extremely successful though!

I really love these style of pants, but feel like they look best on people with certain body frames. AKA Not the body frame that I have. The crop top is absolutely darling (Yes, I did just use darling as an adjective, I am a 70 year old) and the mix of different purples just sits so well with me. People embracing colour in general just sits so well with me. Amazing outfits that incorporate bright colours are just on a whole other skill level from those done with neutrals.

I almost wish they didn’t go up against each other in an award, I want them both to have won something!

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