Orange Is The New Crazy // The SAG Awards

I’ve been retroactively scanning through the archives of pictures from the SAG awards, and the Golden Globes, waiting for something to jump out at me so I could write a decent piece on it. There was stunning dresses there, but none that really inspired me to say anything. I feel like I write the best when I see something and I’m like “YES, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT.”

That said, whilst no outfit really inspired me to say something, one did inspire me to say nothing.


I really feel like I could just produce a whole bunch of posts each week that say nothing at all. The clothes speak for themselves. Or even better, with the only text inside them being


And then we’d all be satisfied, cause seriously what’s more fun than outfits that make you go “WHAT????????”. But I had a post the other day where my reaction was “WHAT” so I think I need to change it up a little bit.


We could describe this as Barbie Cargo Dominatrix? That sounds pretty accurate? Or we could just stick with WHY because that seems pretty spot on as well.

And because Lori Petty is wearing a lot of pink and she’s an actress in Orange Is The New Black, I really feel like this is the most apt time I’ll ever have to use this quote. It’s probably what Lori is thinking right now, so you know, it’s super relevant.

Pics are from here, and here.

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