Sophia Vergara: Playing It Safe For Safety? // The SAG Awards

Sophia Vergara looked undeniably fierce at the SAG awards.


I mean, it’s hard not to be fierce when you have a face and a body like that. She is the literal definition of someone “who could look good wearing a hessian bag” (is that still a saying? I feel like it’s really old school but I’ve definitely heard it somewhere recently?). I can’t really see where that lipstick colour fits into the scheme of things – it’s not match-y enough to go with the dress, but not contrasting enough to create a nice juxtaposition. I would have kept with the bright pink or just gone a nude, personally. Or had the bag match the lipstick at least?

But thats really beside the actual issue that I want to discuss with this outfit. It’s great, but it’s a reincarnation of what she wears to pretty much EVERY event.

I’ve thrown together this image for you to display exactly what I mean. I just googled “Sophie Vergara” for these images, so I couldn’t even tell you what event they’re from, but I’m pretty sure they’re all major award shows, or at least pretty big public appearances. It’s a pretty representative show of her sartorial choices.

As you can see, these are all basically the same dress in different colours, with different amounts of sparkly and sheer. Nice fishtail in the first one, admittedly.

I feel as if you have that much money and that many designers at your disposal, you’d be crazy not to take a little risk and branch out a little. Maybe a cape? Maybe a more flowy shape? Long sleeves? There are lots of minor alterations you could make to this basic design to make it more exciting.

To add more interest to this however, Vergara recently stated in an interview (not sure of the original source, but there’s a summary of the interview here) that she needs this kind of structured dress to support herself, because of her curvaceous figure. She also said that she often ends up bleeding after red carpet events because of the sheer construction under her dresses. Ouch! That’s one hell of a burden to bear, and I’m feeling pretty sorry for her right now.

But that somehow just doesn’t sit right with me. Either theres some more complex health issues going on here and she just didn’t want to reveal them to the interviewer (and I 100% understand if that was the case), or her stylist is letting her down like a LOT? As true as it is that there isn’t as many fuller figured women in Hollywood, quite a few still manage to get a little funky with their outfits? Or at least have more than one style of dress that they’re able to wear? Christina Hendriks – case in point.

Whilst she does have a few signature looks, she doesn’t only dress in one style because of her body type. Of course, some wrangling of assets has to occur a little more than that of a runway model, but this can still be achieved in a number of shapes, makes and designs of dress.

I mean, maybe I have it wrong and Sophia Vergara has found a dress formula that she loves and always feels good in, so she’s sticking to it god dammit. And if that’s the case, all the power to her. You do YOU babe. But I would hate to think that she’s rewearing the same look over and over again simply because she doesn’t feel like she can physically do anything else. It’s possible, you can do a flowy ethereal gown! I suggest you have a serious talk with your stylist on the SAP, there are so many looks that are just waiting for you to rock them!

Pic links are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Hahaha sorry, so many pics in this post!

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