Splitting the Opinion Right Down The Dress // The Espys

Not sure if anyone else noticed, but there was a lot of LEG dresses at the Epsys. It reminded me of heaps of different things, all of them equally hilarious, but I’ll just share the top two with you. The first was that time that Angelina Jolie wore that LEG dress to the Oscars, and made sure that LEG was in every single photo. This picture is an apt description of the phenomenon.


look at mah leg
I saw this for the first time at about 3 in the morning when I was at a nightclub with a friend, and we both LOST it for a ridiculous amount of time. I don’t think I’ve ever found anything so funny again. And then when I pointed out to her that the LEG was higher in the second photo she lost it a second time.

Anyway, let’s be serious here for a second and assess the fashion at hand. Just so you guys know, I only picked out a few of them because there was far too many legs and dresses for me to handle. And we can please note just how hard each of them is trying to display the leg. There is some serious dress-wrangling-uncomfortable-standing-position stuff going on here for leg displaying purposes. LEG.



I can’t really seem to fathom an opinion on this one. It’s just not much of anything in my eyes. Perfectly nice, I guess, maybe a little bit too much going on though? With the slit AND the strips on her shoulders AND the lace at the top AND the bow AND the flowy bit. Maybe pick 2 or 3 of the 5 and go from there. There you go, I do have an opinion after all.



I think Steph over here may have mistaken July for April, and the Espys for Coachella? Don’t get me wrong, I love my festival fashion, but this is probably not an outfit I would have worn on the red carpet..
Context free, she looks great and lord knows I need a skirt made out of flowers, but the heels really don’t do enough to elevate this from Free Dancing Spirit to Serious TV Host. It’s also probably the bun as well, which once again, looks great, but makes her look likes she’s ready for a day of battling the crowds in the heat rather than strutting her stuff in front of the papz.


Gorgeous colour, gorgeous design, so much top notch stuff going on here. But is that, like nylon? Cause it looks a little too stretched around her pelvic area, and the ends of the skirt section look.. poorly made. Like they just cut it off and didn’t bother to put a hem in there.


Ciara is absolutely killing it. Such a gorgeous shape on her, and brought together so nicely slit5with that metallic belt. I’m assuming
celebs can get those custom made, because I’ve tried to buy one before but I can’t get one that actually fits properly around my waist without bending the metal inwards, and then it has gross look kinks in it and everything is just awful.

Are you digging the split dress style, or does it make you want to LEG it and run? (I’ll stop now, I promise)

Look at mah leg pic here
All Espys pics from here

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