Kendall Jenner Doing a Damn Good Job // The Espys

It’s been said a thousand times before and I will be the 100 thousandth person to say it, but Kendall Jenner is actually a super solid model. Like in no way do I wonder if her career is entirely based on Kardashian fame (although it was definitely her family connections that got her exposed to the industry, but hey, who wouldn’t take advantage of that) because she is damn good at her job. And this more dress, more than so many other things I’ve seen her wear, really sells it to me.

I noted a while ago that Cara Delevingne, whilst obviously being insane good-looking, looks really AWKWARD whenever you see her on the red carpet. She’s just hasn’t got that super model skill in that no matter what she steps into, she pulls it off with her attitude and her poise. I feel that might be because her talents lie elsewhere (Paper Towns looks *AMAZING*), but irregardless, whatever she is lacking, Kendall has it. Did I just call Kendall a better model than Cara? Quite possibly. I know that’s a massive call, but it doesn’t feel unwarranted.

This dress is questionable to me. I like the idea of it, but there’s too many sheer panels, it’s weird transparent flow skirt looks like it’s from a different dress than the one it’s actually attached to, and seriously she looks like she’s wearing a loincloth. I imagine this on Cara, and it wouldn’t be questionable, it would have been a downright abomination.

But Kendall is working it. With her poise, with her kickass I-own-this attitude, with whatever it is that truly professional models just seem to able to muster at all times. She honestly deserves every one of the crazy amount of campaigns and shows she’s getting signed to at the moment.

Pic from here

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