Willow Shields in The Dress Of The Year // Comic-Con

Willow Shields (Prim in the Hunger Games) wearing what is pretty much my favourite outfit I’ve seen all year.
I try to be really conscious of what I’ve worn a lot of lately, because I hate being predictable. As much as everyone has a particular style I don’t want to be the girl who wears only black or only dresses or only tight skirts, and for quite a while I feel like I did get into a rut with wearing only t-shirt/tank dresses. I still LOVE them but have since toned down my wearing of them cause I don’t ever want to be THAT GUY who has the same outfit in a thousand different patterns.
But for this I would definitely make an exception.

Willow Shields 

I know you think I’m crazy but in my mind this is a little bit more classy than the average t-shirt dress, mostly because of the layer skirt. That extra length gives it a little sophistication, as it’s brushing her knees at the bottom. It’s sitting a little weird on her, not sure if it’s the wrong size or just doesn’t fit her body shape? Or it could be the construction of it, because that layered skirt is being pulled in different ways than the blue section of the skirt. A+ For colours and idea, maybe a solid C on construction. Room for improvement. But seriously this is my favourite thing all year. NO EXAGGERATIONS.

Pic link is here.

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