Demi Lovato: Fashion Chameleon // Street Style

I’ve never really considered Demi Lovato in the fashion sphere, and I think it’s because of her Disney star background. And that’s kind of unfair because I’ve taken Selena Gomez seriously for ages. It’s probably because her first lot of music outside Disney didn’t seem all that different? I mean as much as “Skyscraper” was a good song, you could play it on Nickelodeon and no one would be offended, if you know what I mean. I don’t think that all music has to be M15+ rated to be decent, but the fact that hers was so G just made her placed in the Disney rut in my mind forever.
Probably in the last year or so I’ve considered more of an artist than a grown up child star, and that has been greatly helped by her killer fashion sense.
What I love about her is mostly that she tries lots of different stuff and somehow makes it all her own. I couldn’t ever put her in a certain style box, and she could never wear an outfit that would make me think “Oh that’s SO Demi”, because every time I see her she’s in something new I’ve never seen her in before.

<> on July 1, 2015 in New York City.

This was amazing. Her accessories are so (dare I say it?) *on point*, perfectly coordinated yet contrasted with her outfit. Insane awesome heels, multi-coloured straps get me every time. Coordinates (that is, a top and bottom that match but are not connected  are one of my favourite trends at the moment, but it’s quite rare that I see the younger stars tackling it, but once again, Demi is ahead of the fashion crowd.
I would almost say this is slightly Kim K-esque, but way more colourful and way more fun.  I really love the hairstyle too. It’s something I would love to try but am wayyy not brave enough!

And then she just makes a total 180 turn and hits us with this

You could have shown me this outfit on pretty much ANYONE else and my reaction would be “wow not trying to get any attention at all, this is underdressed and I hate this”. Okay maybe I wouldn’t be that harsh, but I wouldn’t be a fan, to say the least. Outfits like this look good in movies, in photoshoots, sometimes at music festivals, but anywhere else and my cringe meter is off the charts. Somehow on Demi though, it doesn’t annoy me in the slightest. I think it’s because I know she loves trying everything and anything, and this is just another one of her fashion adventures. She doesn’t dress like this all the time, but she also doesn’t dress like the opposite of this all the time, so I know it’s not a stunt or attention grabbing move, it’s just Demi being Demi y’all. I’m still not a massive fan of the boots though cause whoever made them clearly couldn’t figure out a way for them to operate properly around her knees.

Link to first pic is here, second pic link is here

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