Dencia Over Nicki Minaj // Street Style


Dencia, going for a shopping trip at Beverley hills. Definitely not your average shopping outfit, although it looks pretty damn comfortable. Even though it’s something I would probably never wear myself, I am always in love with anyone who pushes the limits of ricidulous yet acceptable clothing and looks damn good whilst doing. I’ve never really yearned for a bomber jacket in the print of all our grandma’s couches, nor leggings with 3D pink panther pattern. I have considered shoes like that, admittedly, cause YRU are my secret obsession although I’ve never actually bought anything off them.
But either way, she makes me want to buy all of it because she wears it with such confidence that she seriously pulls it off and makes me believe I could as well.
And somehow makes it all look so more doable than Nicki Minaj. Probably because I never thought “Hell yeah Nicki Minaj, you look good in that rainbow tutu”, it was always more so “Wow, there she is. She’s definitely getting a lot of attention.”
I couldn’t even tell you why I feel like there is a sincere difference between their looks, but it just FEELS different to me.

If you’re wondering where you’ve hear her name before, it was probably right around the time of this years Billboard Music Awards where she was the person who wore this:

dencia billboards


Kind of hard to miss. Attention-seeking? Probably. Badass as hell? Definitely. Id take being female Daft Punk over my own life any day.

Link for pic one, and pic two

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