Getting All Windsor Without The Price Tag // My Style

One brand that has exploded in the last few years in Melbourne is Windsor Smith. Pretty much what Windsor Smith does dictates the style in shoes here for the next season. Chunky heels in Windsor? Suddenly they’re EVERYWHERE. Platform boots? Everyone owns a pair now.
Only problem is, the brand is pretty expensive for most of our budgets, especially for people my age. But I’ve pretty much found that you can find replicas of almost every item they sell on the cheap – just keep it on the downlow!
Here are some of my best copycat picks for their current instore items.

windsor luster

Windsor Lusterr Boot (Tan) $199.95

Dotti Ashlee Boot$59.95

windsor speedy
Windsor Speedy Sneaker – $159.95
Canvas plaftorm sneaker
Ebay BN Canvas Platform Comfy Casual Loafers Mocassins Slip on Sneaker Shoes
(Wow, let’s get every possible searchable key word in that title) – $22.80

windsor vilent
Windsor Valent Heel – $129.95

famous footwear
Famous Footwear Mamie Heel – $49.95

windsor lazy
Windsor Lazy Heel$159.95

famous footwear bangin
Famous Footwear Bangin Heel$59.99

windsor leader
Windsor Leader Boots$199.95

bobby lace up
Rubi Shoes Bobby Lace Up’s$49.95

None of those prices include shipping, so just keep that in mind 🙂
Additionally, if you just have to have the real thing but really can’t deal with the pricetag, check out
Run by the company themselves, this is where they sell off their stock thats going out of season, and most stuff is at least 50% off! A staff member at one of my favourite stores let me know about it when I asked where her shoes were from, and I’ve been a little obsessed ever since. also do a lot of great copycat items!

Windsor it up at at half the price babes!

All links for photos provided under photo.

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