DIY – From Men’s Shirt To Boobtube // My Style

How many people have seen that image that shows you how to make a strapless top out of a guys shirt?
Surely most of you have cause I’ve seen it a least 400000000 times. It looks great in the picture but there’s something about it that just makes me be like “surely not.. no way that works..”. If you still don’t know the image I’m talking about, here’s one of the many variations:

make a shirt

Seems pretty simple from the photo right? It just looks like one of those pinterest projects that would never turn out the way you want it to, though. After some solid research I found a lot of posts from people experimenting with how many different way they could wear shirt, without wearing it exactly as intended.
Turns out you can get pretty creative, but this has been a variation I’ve always wanted to try.

First, I started with a shirt that I got for a $27. I’ve never actually worn it out as a normal shirt yet so I’m hoping wearing it tied around my boobs for a couple of hours won’t stretch it before I get the chance to properly wear it. Here it is, in it’s normal shirt form.


After a few trys and readjustments, I didn’t actually find it too hard to replicate a similar version of the picture above. I did find though, being small-busted, I couldn’t rely on it to stay up without tying it tightly at the top, rather than tying it under the bust. If you’re larger in that area you probably won’t have that problem, but something to keep in mind!


It was honestly pretty successful, and although it’s not the style of a top I’d usually wear, it looked nice! I found it hard to make the bottom of it more streamlined, but that could probably be resolved by using a tighter fitting shirt or tucking it into a skirt or a pair of pants.
It worked well enough in the confines of my own room, but for all of our benefits, I decided to wear it out and and about to test it’s wearability and durability.

I wore it on a shopping trip and to dinner with a friend, and the results are as follows!

Teamed with black jeans, I tucked it in to reduce the puffiness and make it less of a dress-top hybrid (cause it’s pretty long on me). Found that tucking it in really doesn’t mesh well with the structure of the top, because it pulls it down in multiple points and works the knot loose. I attempted to tighten it but I didn’t want to go TOO tight cause I actually intend on wearing this like it’s designed to be worn at some points, and stretching the fabric is gonna be gross.
Untucked it so I didn’t have to deal with this issue, felt pretty self concious about it cause I really don’t like tops of that length over jeans.
Once untucked, because of the floaty nature of the fabric, it stuck from body quite far and looked a little strange.

Much more comfortable oufit, this time I wore it with a denim jacket and leggings. It looked a little strange because the nature of the top is quite dressy, but I took one for the team. A much better result in that because I was wearing leggings, the whole top-that-covers-your-ass look makes a lot more sense. Still had some issues with keeping the arms tied tight enough to keep it properly up, but once again, bigger busted ladies probably won’t have an issue. Also something that I wouldn’t have expected, it kept rotating so that everything ended up askew? Like a skirt where the zip ends up at the side instead of the back.. It was a hassle.

All in all, it looks nice when you’re sitting on your bed at home, but it causes quite a bit of hassle when you have to do any sort of movement in it. I vote not worth the trouble when you can just buy a nice top that isn’t annoying, but I also challege you guys to try it out for yourselves!

Link for shirt pic is here

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