Acts of Random Hotness // Entourage European Premiere

The Entourage European premiere is pretty much what you’d expect from Entourage. Just heaps of insanely hot people and that is all. Seriously there was no one below a 9 at this event. Even David Hasselhoff was there so you know, that says a lot by itself.

There was also a whole bunch of really hot people who I didn’t recognise at all, but the photo service seemed to think they were noteworthy so I think a lot of them were just the “random hot girls” who were in most scenes of this movie. monstrously sexist, but let’s not go there. There were also lots of random hot girls who were not random in the movie as they were not in it, merely random on this red carpet. But once again, it’s Entourage, that’s literally what half the show is about.

As a result of the high “random hot girl” attendance there were some killer outfits, and here are some of my faves outfits, and some that I think had killer potential but need a few tweaks.
(Admittedly, Naomi Harris is not random at all, but she is hot and does have a killer outfit so she fits here regardless).

Sam Faiers, English “TV Personality” (code for: Only famous in the country you live in and no one else knows who you are) and star of reality TV show “The Only Way Is Essex” ? I have actually heard of that show, and whilst I’ve never watched it I reckon a pretty good educated guess would be that it’s exactly Geordie Shore, except in a different part of England.
Not that I’m dissing, like I would kill to be an Australian “TV Personality”, if you’ve got that far you’re doing well for yourself.
And I kind of secretly love Geordie Shore.
I just find the term “TV Personality” amusing because it’s so vague sounding. The “f*** her right in the pussy” guy could technically be called a “TV Personality” because he definitely has personality and has been on TV more than once. BUT I DIGRESS.
I think this is an outfit that could have been great, but is let down by just a few minor things. So although it’s not the best, it has potential to be the best. Firstly, that could have been a really nice, classy silk shirt. The navy lining looks great and it’s a really nice cut, but the tie around the middle just makes it really “my dressing gown shrunk in the wash and now I’m wearing it as a top” for me? Maybe an actual belt could have worked better than tie, something tailored and black or tan, but I think letting the top free-flow would have the best option.
Secondly, even though the top is belted, it’s still quite flowy and loose, and I don’t think having a silk flowy top and silk flowy pants work together. It’s not that it’s silk overkill, it’s just that the outfit lacks structure being flowy everywhere and doesn’t quite avoid being a bit sack-like overall. A more fitted shirt OR more fitted pants would definitely have completed this look for me.
Gorgeous shoes, though.


Stephanie Bauer, another person who appears on television and has somewhat of a personality.
I like all the bones of this, and separately I would love to own every single one of the items she is wearing, but the crop top in the middle of this ensemble I find a bit on the nose.
If she was to take that (spectacular) white blazer off, the gap between where her pants stop and where her top beings would just be gaping and altogether a little bit too much.
I struggle with this exact problem, because I have amazing low-riding pants and amazing crop tops that I can’t wear together because the gap between them is just too large. If I can’t place my hand over the midriff gap and cover about 90% of the width of that gap it’s too much. This gap looks about 2 hands wide. The math just doesn’t add up, for me.
I love midriff bearing styles but I think there can definitely be too much torso.


Naomi Harris looks stellar in this. It’s pretty crazy and I wouldn’t even be slightly surprised if someone told me this was Rodarte, but she wears it really well. I think the sternum gap is a wise design feature, because it might have been a bit heavy and full without it, especially with such a full and flouncy skirt. The colours are brill, also.


Definitely my fav fav fav look of the event! The spacing is really cool, and made infinitely more cool by the fact that it’s actually a space. There is no illusion netting in sight, ladies and gentlemen. And how much better does it look?! WIthout the very obvious skin coloured netting?  It looks so much more tailored and expensive and classy. And it really is a super cool design and I’d love to see the back to see how it all works, but alas, today is not my lucky day.

Do you love or hate any of these looks? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

All pics can be found here.

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