JLo Brings The Class // The Tony Awards

I’m BACK! I’m very sorry for the 2 week or so hiatus but life is insane right now, and also it was my birthday on Friday so I had to give myself apt time to enjoy it. Cause 22 is an age that I certainly don’t wanna be but I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna drink lots and get no sleep to celebrate in style.
It’s technically till the weekend here in Oz’,  cause the Queen’s pretend Birthday has given us this extra day off, but while I’m gearing up another night of birthday festivities, I really wanted to get this going again cause by no means do I ever want to stop blogging.
And I think a really fitting and upbeat way to get back into the world of fashion commentary is with Jennifer Lopez at the Tony Awards looking like this:

jennifer lopez

I’m not sure but I think getting that bob haircut may have changed her brain chemistry, because this is neither extremely body-fitting, nor held together by illusion netting. It IS sparkly, but hey, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. This is such a massive, massive change from what jLo (what are the capitals in that abbreviation? I just don’t know) usually wears and it’s such a step up.
There are some really gorgeous colours in it, the shape is perfect, and it fits her like a glove, but that’s not even what’s so great about this.
What’s great is that she’s stepping out of her comfort zone and getting some positive media because she looks awesome in this dress without showing us 85% of her skin. There some serious cleavage happening her but it’s not tacky, in my eyes at least, and isn’t screaming for attention by giving everyone a fairly accurate representation of what she looks like naked.
I’m all for exhibitionism to make a statement, and in all fairness everyone can wear what they want, but jLo is so many things – an actress, a singer, a performer – and I’m just super glad she’s giving us the opportunity to appreciate her beauty in a way that doesn’t just make her look like a piece of meat.
You lookin hella fine Ms. Lopez.

Pic link is here

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