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I’ve bought SO many clothes recently I feel like I really need to do like 4 haul posts in a row, but this one was one of my largest and most expensive so I thought it the perfect one to share with you guys. I’m working full time hours on casual wages so I’m literally swimming in the cash and I love shopping so thats kind of where I am right now. I needed some winter clothes cause I almost always dress like it’s warmer than it is, even though I’m one of those people thats cold 100% of the time, because I like my summer clothes better and don’t have that many decent jumpers, jackets or coats. But I set out to change this! Plus bought some other cute as things.

All these items are from, and Stelly does this really weird thing where they name every item after food? And if that sounds mismatched, which it does, they don’t even use food that would kind of make sense?
So for your entertainment and mine, I’m gonna list what the item ACTUALLY is, what they called it (some random food item), and what I would have called it if I had to name a peice of clothing after a food item… which I wouldn’t but you know.


Loose Knitted Grey Jumper – $49.95
Stelly Name: Rosewater Sorbet Womens Knitted Jumper (Rosewater?? Does this look pink to you?? Also sorbet is super cold and this is a Winter item.. THINK STELLY)
My Name: Cookies And Cream Cheesecake Womens Knitted Jumper
The ultimate jumper for every occasion, easy to dress up, easy to dress down, super versatile. Haven’t taken it off since it arrived, no exaggeration. It’ll be that piece of clothing that everyone I know will know in intimate detail because I’ll wear it to every occasion. It’s my new leather jacket. (I still love you leather jacket, you have a place in my heart).


Turtle-Neck Knitted Jumper – $49.95
Stelly Name: Poached Pear Womens Knit Jumper

My Name: Poached Apricot Womens Knit Jumper
(So close Stelly!)
I’ve never owned anything turtle-necked and I’m kind of really scared of this jumper. It’s looked okay in my bedroom modelling sessions but I feel like it’s going to be one of those pieces I always try on and be like “yeah this looks OKAY.. but It’d be better if I wore..”, like it’ll never be my first option? It’s got a built in scarf though and I totally dig that. I’m going to have to force myself the first couple of times to wear it, I think, and then I’ll get more comfortable with it.


Lace and Chiffon Jumpsuit – $35.95
Stelly Name: Almond Carrotcake Lace Jumpsuit
(WTF This is such a delicate and floaty thing, and Almond Carrotcake would be lumpy af .. and brown.. and generally ugly)
My Name: Whipped Cream Tower Lace Jumpsuit 

This looks kind of terrible in this picture but I promise you that’s not. See I struggle to properly dress up for a lot of things, because I just love casual clothes so much. I would have worn sneakers to my year 12 formal if I could have. Sometimes I get it right, but even when I do I feel kind of silly, like I’m out of place being so dressed up even if everyone else is. This I felt was a good solution to the problem, pretty and floaty but also a jumpsuit so I can jump around and dance whilst still dressed classily. Can’t wait to deploy it.


Grey Wollen Blazer/Coat/Jacket thing – $79.95
Stelly Name: Krispy Kreme Womens Jacket
(Surely that’s breaking some sort of copyright?)
My Name: Hot Chocolate Womens Jacket
(It just makes me think of hot chocolate, idk why)
I bought this mainly because I needed a classy and professional jacket that I can wear to my future workplace. It’s really cool besides and I’ll definitely wear it on the weekend as well, but it’ll the perfect solution to the “It’s really cold I need something to throw over this outfit” situation.


Boyfriend Elasticised Jeans – $45.95
Stelly Name: Double Choc Smoothie Womens Relaxed Jeans 
(I guess this makes sense in that you could consume as many double choc smoothies as you like and it not matter in this jeans cause ELASTIC)
My Name:  Double Choc Smoothie Womens Relaxed Jeans
(Yeah look I agree with them on that one)
Before you say these look like Mum Jeans, yes they do off but I promiseeee you that they don’t on. They’re almost skinny jeans actually, just little looser in leg. Kind of like cargo pants but in jean material instead of cargo. And sooo comfy!

Have you ever shopped at Stelly before? Love/hate any of these items? Let me know!

All photos taken by me 🙂

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