Rita Ora @ The Billboard Music Awards // Fausto Puglisi Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Rita Ora’s dress got mostly neutral-to-negative feedback and I can kind of see where people are coming from. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, and the gaps in the fabric do seem a bit arbitrary and unplanned. That said, there’s nothing really THAT wrong with it? Sure it’s not the most creative thing you’ve ever seen, but it’s not burning anyones eyes out. It’s safe and boring, which is something that Rita kind of needs in her life every now and again, when she’s not being a really out there fashion icon. Although someone in some article, can’t remember for the life of me where or who, said something along the lines of “Stop trying to make 21st century Marylin happen, it’s not going to happen” and I think they deserve a very large trophy because YES.


What interests me most though are the urchins crawling across the front of it, because I knew I’d seen them before, and indeed I had, and I actually covered that very dress on this blog.


Halston Sage, at the MTV Movie Awards. At the time I said “I love the sea urchins, so we should just lift them off this dress entirely and do something else cool with them”, and I still think that. After seeing Rita’s dress I realised that they obviously weren’t just a unique detail on Halston’s or Rita’s dress but a reoccurring theme, so I decided to really look into the designer and the collection they both came from.

Fausto Puglisi – Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection. SO. MANY. URCHINS. Although I don’t think I’m a crazy fan of any of the ways they were deployed, some I liked more than others. I might just design my own urchin clothing one day. Urchin Chic™. And also I just put in some other urchin-less looks from the show I liked, so enjoy!


This looks like it’s too big for the model wearing it, which it obviously isn’t because it was designed for her, but the excess fabric at the bottom is defs putting me off. Otherwise I really like the design and colours! Central urchin power!



Super strange looking neckline, could probably work though when not styled with gross looking greasy hair. Not sure what Mr Fausto Puglisi was thinking on that one! The slits are great on this one though!


I have DEFINITELY seen some celebrity wear this somewhere. I really like it, so I want to be able to remember who! Any ideas?!


Love the colour, not too sure about the fit.


Urchin jewellery, I am 100% okay with you.


This two toned blazer is something I’d love to try, but would take so much more guts than I currently have.


Did you like Rita Ora’s dress? Are you down with urchins? x

Fausto Puglisi show pics from here, Rita pic from here, Haslton pic from previous Do You Even Style article.

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