The Balmain Take Over, the Breaks Over // Billboard Music Awards

I hope you guys are super cool and recognise the Fall Out Boy reference in the title!

Most of my exposure to Balmain has been, like most people I’m sure, through the Kardashians. They must be the entire reason the label has become so mainstream, because you hardly ever heard of the before that. That said, I never would have picked the Balmain onslaught that happened at the Billboard Music Awards. The brand has a really particular style, so without any website ID’ing each outfit, I could pretty clearly see who got onboard the Balmain express.


Kendall’s I think was the most iconic Balmain piece, extremely recognisable, mostly because it bares such a resemblance to that orange Balmain dress Kim wore to last year’s VMA’s:

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

At the time I loved the dress, and I still absolutely do, but I’d have to say it’s much more successful as a dress than it is a top. Kendall’s is an awkward length, to the point that it would probably be wayyy nicer if they just gave her a few more inches and did away with the jeans entirely. I also just wrote an entire paragraph about why her jeans were bad and then realised that were in fact not jeans but THIGH HIGH BOOTS. NO. YOU ARE NOT A BALMAIN DOMINATRIX. So pretty much the top/dress thing had potential but was then totally ruined by the styling.


Lily’s, I love. It’s still keeping in the Balmain theme of using exclusively creepy sideshow circus colours (khaki green, purple, orange, black, gold) and lots and lots of stripes, like you are the ringmaster of said creepy sideshow circus, but it’s much more elegant than you usually see from them. I like the simple deployment Lily Aldridge has gone for, with unfussy hair and shoes, and that arm cuff is absolutely to die for. Much nice, very Balmain.


Taylor’s I pretty much never would have picked as Balmain. My first guess would have been Stella McCartney cause she’s a veteran at creating questionable jumpsuits that could be awesome or could be awful, depending on the styling and who’s wearing them. I’m sitting on the fence about this one. I **LoVe** jumpsuits and pants that are hemmed the way hers are, it just makes you look like you’re gliding across the ground in an air of superiority. How you can have white pants that are hemmed that way without them looking ratty and gross within 5 seconds is a complete mystery to me, but who am I to question our celebrity overlords. But my problem falls with the top, cause it just looks kind of flimsy and cheap? Like I understand it’s supposed to look delicate but it just comes across more “failed swimsuit”. I just can’t call it.


Ringmaster of the creepy sideshow circus returns! In creepy sideshow circus jumpsuit! I’m ALSO feeling really torn about this one, cause I hate the colours and the stripes, but I think I only hate them on this particular outfit. If this was say, a shift dress, I’d be totally open to it. As it is, it’s just too wearable-striped-rock-candy for me. Does that make any sense at all? Probably not.

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

Once again, really obvious Balmain styling. The Kardashian/Jenners always seem to go for the pieces that scream “I AM BALMAIN, DUH”. Do they have an endorsement with them or something? Because that would make sooo much sense.  The belt is in a similar vein to Chrissy’s, but I still don’t like belts on dresses and I don’t like this. The way the belt is making is look is as if she’s got a body shaper corset on underneath her dress is weird. And if she didn’t wear a belt the dress would probably be all weird and loose in that section. So it’s like bandaid fix. I don’t know if that’s actually the case but it makes a lot of sense considering the weird shape of her waist right? The dress itself is okay, still doesn’t look like a proper fit in other places in her body though. Those shoes though, I will definitely accept them.

Were you digging all the Balmain at the Billboard Music Awards?

Kendall, Taylor, Chrissy, Lily photos all from here, Kim pic from here, Kylie pic from here.

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