Lea Michele Is Trying VERY Hard to Bring You The Sexy // The FOX Upfronts

lea michele

Is it just me or is Lea Michele like PERMENANTLY smouldering? Looking at this photo, half of me thinks she’s just about to pop out some jazz hands and start dancing the Cell Block Tango or some equally badass sexy dance, and the other half of me is like “wow that pose looks both uncomfortable and awkward”. Like that is not a natural pose by any means, and it’s obviously mean to drip sex appeal, and it kind of does, but she really does look like she’s thinking “when will that camera stop flashing my leg has a cramp you guys!!”
And theres just so many times that she’s posed like this on step and repeats, like maybe not that exact pose but just a general, body-contorting-sexy-eyed pose. Lea, you are sexy, you don’t need to try so hard to convince us. A while ago I would have understood her need to amp up the sex appeal at every event because she was playing a 16 year old girl who wore reindeer cardigans on TV, so she’d be wanting to break that mould. But Rachel Berry got a lot more grown-up in the later seasons of Glee so it’s not like people don’t KNOW she can’t be sophisticated.

I really do like this dress, the colour is gorgeous. The shoes are really boring, don’t compliment the outfit at all and seem like a lazy choice , especially when you are a celebrity and you have the world at your disposal. Even something strappy but still black would be a great improvement. But at the end of the day I probably wouldn’t have felt the need to comment at all but that pose just feels so directed at ME (or YOU or whoever happens to be looking at it), trying to make me feel the sexy, I just couldn’t say nothing.

Link for pic is here

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