Dreamland Music Festival: Outfit Breakdown! // My Style

This time last weekend I was getting ready for Dreamland Music Festival, one of the last music festivals here in Melbourne before we plunge into the depths of winter and no one wants to leave their houses. It was at our cities local theme park, Luna Park, and ran from 6-11pm. This presented some fashion considerations, because not only was it going to be at night, but it was also down in St Kilda right by the beach aka WEAR SOME DECENT CLOTHING OR YOU WILL FREEZE YOUR TITS OFF.
This was a little bit of an issue at first because me and some friends planned on going clubbing afterwards, so I needed a versatile outfit that could be stripped down to club material, but would also keep me warm.
As always, I was dancing my ass off all night, so in the end my leather jacket was all it took to keep the chill out.

Here’s the outfit, with and without the jacket!

PicMonkey Collage

And here’s all the separate parts it took to put it all together!


Jacket: $59.95 – Jay Jays. I’ve already featured this jacket in one of my “Fave Recent Purchases” post, and while it’s no longer recent, it’s definitely still a favourite of mine. Really warm, really cool looking.

Dress: $29.95 – Queen Vic Market. As you can see, it’s actually a dress but I wore it as a top. The only time I remembered that night that it actually WAS a dress was every time I went to the toilet, and had to spend a good 5 minutes in there strategically tucking it inΒ again, the pain we go through to look good! This particular dress I’ve worn as a top heaps, worn as a skirt heaps, but only once have I worn it as a dress hahaha. I really love trying to do things that people would never really expect with my clothes, and layering dresses is something I do quite often. If you want to get more wear out of those dresses that you’ve only worn once, chuck a T-shirt over it and wear it shopping, it’s a great new outfit at no cost! Although I bought this at the markets, the brand is Ninie, and I’ve seen this exact item at a lot of stand alone stores, so if you really want to track it down it shouldn’t be too hard to find!

Belt: $3.95 – Op Shop. Belts are something that I think are generally pretty over priced. The average one I find in most stores is somewhere around 40 bucks which seems a bit excessive for a tiny bit of leather that you tie around your waist. Even if you’re not a “thrift shopping” kind of person I recommend checking out your local charity store for a great belt, because they usually have heaps, and obviously, are really cheap.

Shorts: $110.00 – Wrangler. A pricey pair of shorts for sure, but also a wardrobe essential that I’ve needed for ages. There’s been so many nights when I’ve been trying to decide what to wear out dancing and my exact thoughts have been “This top would look really nice with high-waisted black shorts”. I know that sounds like, CRAZY specific, but they just go with everything haha! I didn’t even go shopping for an entire outfit for this event, I just went shopping for the perfect pair of high-waisted black shorts, cause I knew once I found them I’d have thousands of outfit options. Worth every penny.

Boots: $49.95 – Famous Footwear. You’ve already heard all about my boots in my Music Festival Must-Haves post, so of course there was no other option. Safe from crushed feet, comfy all day/night long.

It was a great night, aside from getting my drink spiked at the club later, but the festival itself was amazing πŸ™‚


All clothes photos taken by me, Dreamland photo from the Dreamland Facebook page.

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