Oh, That’s Just Crazy Cannes! // 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival opened on the 13th of May!
There was less outfits and red-carpet-walkers than I thought there would be a, but on the whole, very few bad ones. I’ll take quality over quantity any day! These two outfits are really quite something in that they are pretty much insane, let’s be honest, but managed to be glorious insane rather than tugging-at-the-collar-of-your-shirt insane.

Viann Zhang, a Chinese model and actress, looked so incredible in this?!?!? It’s kind of blowing my mind?? They really should have invited her to the Met Gala cause she would have blown all of those best-dressed polls out of the water. And it would have been on theme as well. Actually on second thought they should have made her a COACH at the Met Gala. Like “This is how to dress incredible when the theme is Chinese and you have no idea how to go about it without resorting to stereotypes.” So many people could have used her in that capacity. Bustle described the gown as “theatrical” and I think thats a perfect word – a dress so complex it tells it’s own story. Definitely my best dressed for the opening ceremony, and it’ll still be hard to beat for the rest of the festival!

karlie klossKarlie Kloss on the otherhand, opted for a dress/dressing-gown/top thing? I don’t know why I like it cause it’s really all over the place but she’s just working it so well! The silver clips really give it a touch of safistication, and tie in well to make sure that the shoes don’t look just really random. Probably would have liked it more if it was just closed enough so that you didn’t have to see her short shorts, but you can’t have it all.I just love the white bandeau and the colour mix at the top! I wouldn’t be suprised if they came attached, they fix together so well. Crazily but amazingly played Kloss!

Photo credit for first pic is here, link for second image is here, and cover photo image is here.

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