Paris Kardashian Takes a Stroll // Street Style

paris hilton sighting

I have a feels that Paris Hilton might have bumped her head and woke up thinking she’s Kim Kardashian? After seeing this photo, if someone told me that Kim Kardashian had killed Paris, crawled inside her skin and then continued life as normal, i wouldn’t even be surprised. Okay maybe a little bit surprised.
But it looks good on her her, grown-up and classy in a way that often escapes Paris quite often. I really dig the coordinate set, that’s a look I could wear everyday, and the leather jacket has really become a wardrobe staple for most women, but was never something I thought I’d see Paris wear. Her style has always seemed to me to be like girly-bright? Just seems a bit too edgy for what she normally wears. Not that that’s a complaint! Paris you are looking like one hella babe in this picture, and if taking a leaf out of Kimmy K’s book is what it takes, but all means keep on doing it!

Link for pic is here

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