DIY: Bandeau Bra // My Style

If you’re like me, not wearing a bra is a stressful time. Not because I actually physically need to all day everyday, but because it just makes me feel exposed and uncomfortable, like the wrong movement of my arm could result in a boob flash. Unfortunately, theres a whole bunch of clothes that look way better if you don’t have one on, so I’ve spent my life strategically altering necklines and backs of clothing to make sure I can wear a bra without looking like a total trashbag. It also means there’s just a whole bunch of singlets, dresses and tops that I’ve just had to avoid entirely.
I wanted to find a better solution, so I decided to try and make my own bra that I really don’t mind revealing to the world! The back of it, that is.

1 braΒ 
– Any colour you like although black is obviously the most versatile. Strapless or with totally removeable straps is the best idea, although you can just cut the straps totally off if you like.
The one I got for this project is $29.95 from Cotton On Body.
2 metres (give or take) of woven elastic – Once again, in any colour you like. I got 2 metres worth and that was heaps for me, and I’m a size 6 up the top. Adjust amount of elastic to your body size πŸ™‚
Try to avoid buying elastic that’s too thin, as it tends to look a bit cheapΒ – thick straps is the look we’re going for. I got 1/2 an inch wide and I thought that looked really good! I got mine from Lincraft for $6.
Scissors – To cut stuff.
Needle and thread – To sew stuff (If you know how to use a sewing machine, by all means go for it! I’m just kind of sewing handicapped).


Get rid of dem straps. Cut them off, remove them from the clips, or do nothing if you bought a strapless bra, you’re one step ahead already! It should then look like this:


Cut the bra just before where all the serious boning starts. It should be really easy to find because there’s usually a really solidly sewn line there, if that make sense! Try and cut close to the seam, but leave yourself about a centimetre or so you have room to sew things to this section of the bra later on. Do this on both sides πŸ™‚


The pieces should look like this!


Cut right before the clasp on both arms of the bra. Once again, leave yourself a centimetre or so of material so you have room to sew stuff onto it later.



Throw away the middle bit in between the two cuts on each side. This should be what you have left of your bra!


Grab the hooked side of the clasp and sew it onto one side of the bra, doesn’t really matter which side. Make sure the hooks are facing IN to the inside of the bra, and not towards the outside.


Get your elastic and cut it into 3 equal pieces. You can cut into more pieces if you like but chances are you won’t be able to fit them all on the clasp, so 3 is probably the best idea. Make sure these pieces are more than long enough to fit all the way across your back.


Sew these 3 pieces of elastic to the eyelet section of the clasp, spaced evenly across. The best way to make sure they cover the whole clasp evenly is to sew the side pieces on first, as close to the edge as you can possibly get them, and then sew the middle one last, evenly between the two.



Put the clasp together. Hold the bra around your boobs and measure how long you need the elastic to be. Take into account how many layers of hooks you have – the more you have the less important it is that you get it right, cause you make it tighter and looser at will. When you think you’ve got it at exactly the right tightness, hold it at the point it needs cutting and cut off all the excess.


Sew the elastic to the other side of the bra. Make sure all lengths are even, and one isn’t tighter than the other.
Also make sure that the elastic isn’t twisted when you sew it on, I definitely made that mistake and had to take it off and do it again!

AND VIOLA! Your very own bandeau bra!

Before, when you had to use a normal bra and it didn’t look all that great.
AFTER you made a bandeau bra and it looked fantastic!

Hope you guys liked this DIY Project! Would love to hear your feedback and any attempts people had at it! xx

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