Met Gala Best Dressed! // Met Gala

I don’t wanna seem like I hate EVERYTHING cause I don’t, theres plenty I love! It’s just easier to write about the stuff you don’t like because you can often pick out the specifics of why you don’t like it.Β When it comes to writing about what you DO like, it gets very “because it’s fabulous and amazing and all over great”, and it can be really hard to be able to tell why you like it apart from the fact that you find it asthetically pleasing. And blogging about stuff you don’t like is helpful because no one wants to hear me whine but I can whine to you guys πŸ˜‰ But I also love writing about stuff I love nonetheless! So without further ado, my top fave outfits from the Met Gala!

emily ratajowski

Emily Ratajowski dressed way more demure than usual and definitely to her advantage. Such a sophisticated dress (which is custom TopShop?!? I could totally maybe buy this dress?!?), with some great patterns. I think it looks extra great because of her colouring, on a lighter skinned person or a blonde so much beige could have washed them out, but on her it’s perfection.

emma roberts

This dress forgives no mistakes, and Emma Roberts makes none. You have to have perfect body and the perfect underwear to be able to pull this off and clearly she has both. I love love love the colour, green will always be one of my favourites because so few people wear it, so it’s really striking when they do. The belt I think works really well here, because it could have been a bit sack-like without it. My aversion to belts on dresses may be receding. Accessories really just nailed it all round, great bag and killer shoes.

kate hudson

I think this is probably something I would never wear, even if I had a place to wear it to, but Kate just makes it look great. I have no explanations here.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence often makes me cry a bit because I know as the representative of Dior she just has to wear Dior all the time and that’s often not a great thing. Dior are okay sometimes but often settle more into the realm of not-so-great. This is gorgeous though. Well done Dior for producing this wonderful thing and reminding us how beautiful Jennifer Lawrence is.

kendall jenner

When I read this was Calvin Klein I almost died of shock. I was not aware Calvin Klein made stuff this delicate, or this beautiful. Also a great great colour on her.


Solange, my favourite kook forever ❀


Rihanna, the crowd favourite, in an INCREDIBLE dress. 2 years for one woman to make this, and totally worth it. Theres heaps of backstory to this dress and design so definitely give it a squizz. I also love that I can see her pink bra poking through here. So Rihanna.

Poppy Delevingne (One day I’ll know how to spell that last name without googling it.)

poppy delveigne

What were your personal favourites? x

Emma Roberts pic is from here, all other pics from here.

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