Plz Note: Naked Does Not Equal Fashionable Nor Ground-Breaking // The Met Gala

Ladies of fashion, each of them. I’m going to do each person one by one otherwise I’ll just confuse the hell out of everyone. I would also like to remind you that the theme for the Met Gala was “China: Through the Looking Glass”, so all of them went out of their way to totally ignore it and push their own half-naked agenda. Except maybe Lopez with the dragon. I feel like that was pretty half-hearted though. I’m annoying myself already and I’m like 2 sentences into this post.

But anyway when it comes down to it, all of these “dresses” (really they are more like catsuits with gems attached) are really really old. Like been done at least 500 times a year for the last 3 years old, by so so so so many celebrities. Beyonce and Lopez make up a lot of that number just by themselves, but let me elaborate.

met beyonce

Beyonce.  Yes she’s a good singer, but most of her outfits are quite overdone, ill-fitting or boring. There I said it! Send the The Beygency after me! Like I feel like she’s at the point of “untouchable” in so many people’s minds, and when people love you they kinda become blind to what you’re wearing.. I know cause it definitely happens to me.
I’m kinda neutral to her so I feel like I see things for what they actually are.
And this is pretty much every single stage outfit she’s ever worn. I understand the Met Gala is a time to get really creative with what you’re wearing, and you can wear some pretty crazy stuff without it being thought of negatively. But I would not consider this crazy because she wears something quite similar at a lot of events. When it’s been done a hundred thousands times, about a quarter of those times by you, it definitely becomes a bit mundane. And although she’s naked a lot I never really considered her attention-seeking-naked, like say, Lady Victoria Hervey (she is literally my reference for everything you guys), I just considered her “I think I’m being really fashionable and ground-breaking but actually I’m jumping on the bandwagon so wholeheartedly I almost broke my hip on impact” naked.
But this kind of makes me change my mind. My opinion is definitely lowered of her.

Jennifer Lopez wearing exactly what she’s worn to every event since the start of this decade. She wore this a few days ago. She wore this not long before. This she wore the day before that one. She also wore this, and this, and this and I WON’T CONTINUE BECAUSE I KNOW I’M BORING YOU. I just had to get my point across. She has hardly anything in her arsenal except mostly naked and/or really sparkly. Usually both. If you can make an exciting change and try something new anywhere it’s the Met Gala, pretty much the most exciting fashion event of the year.
This isn’t even one of the best versions of naked and sparkly, cause the dragon kinda just looks like blood really.
1/10 for originality and most other things.

kim kardashian

Kim, I’m probably most disappointed in you, not because your outfit is worse than the other two, but because I feel like you have more fashion vision than either of the other 2 put together. You wear some crazy stuff and experiment and some of it ends up being really, other bits of it being really strange or awful. But the point is you aren’t stuck in a rut, you aren’t totally trend driven, and you always think for yourself. I know you said this was a nod to Cher’s outfit at the first Met Gala, but it’s also the epitome of what every woman is doing who isn’t interesting enough to make a statement by doing something that isn’t gems + no clothes = everybady lookin at ma bady. It’s no more desperate looking than the other 2, but it definitely feels like more of a let down because you are better than this.

I guess it’s pretty clear that I have no fashion time for Beyonce or for Lopez, but if either of them present me with an ounce of original thought or something that isn’t body hugging, shiny or sparse, I’m willing to reconsider.
All of their plays are so old and overdone I cannot even begin to even until then.

Link for Beyonce pic is here, Lopez is here, Kim is here.

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