Rebecca Judd Has Structured Her Fashion Just Right // The Logies

2015 Logie Awards - Arrivals

Rebecca Judd as a weather girl is pretty laughable. Sure she presents well and can speak well but you see on the screen and you’re just like “You are a model and a footballers wife. What are you doing mate.This is not your domain.” I’m pretty sure she’s the reason that Channel 7 has got all “The only channel with a Meteorologist” with their new advertising campaign because they saw the opportunity Bec gave them and they took it, to have a seriously serious weather girl.
ANYWAY despiete her questionable career choices, the girl can dress.
And I LOVE how she gets into really structured stuff, which a lot of other people are a bit scared to do. The Marie Antionette style hips of this dress is really fresh, and the material she picked with it is gorgeous. I think my hatred for illusion netting comes across as a hatred for sheer things sometimes and that is unequivically not the case – I don’t mind if it’s see through I just don’t like when it’s done in a cheap looking way (aka illusion netting), and this is a really nice use of lace to utilise the sheer trend but look really classy whilst doing so. This dress does have belt – oh don’t you worry I noticed – but it’s really small and in theme with the colour of the dress, and it’s not actually doing any work of keep the dress in the right place, its purely decrotive. So I honestly think it looks better with than it would without.

Does anyone remember when it was Melbourne Cup time and Bec was pregnent?
I do and it kind of made my life at the time. Just look at these amazing creations!

rebbece judd1bec1

So many women take the caftan approach to pregnency dressing, but Bec made insane and amazing fashion statements! Obviously both these dress would have had to have to been perfectly crafted to her, so this sort of stuff is probably out of us regular people’s reach, but I love that she’s using what shes got to such great effect!

Link for first pic, second pic, third pic

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