BDBD: Big Dramatic Black Dresses // The Logies

I know the Met Gala just happened you guys, but it’s not often that as an Australian I get to write about fashion at Australian events. The Logies is pretty much at the top of my homegrown fashion calender. For some of these women I was kind like “Wow, calm down, you’re at the TV Week Logies, not the Oscars”, but then again, as an Australian television personality where else are you gonna get to wear your fanciest dress!
Black it seemed, was the name of the game, and a lot of women were aware!

anna bamford

Anna Bamford rocking one of the very few incarnations of this illusion netting, half-naked-over-the-butt-and-boobs area dresses that I actually really like. Really nice flattering cut, definitely gets a little scandalous but still heaps of mystery. I have to admit, I’m a bit of prude, and I say that in the 2015 version of the word in that someone can wear short shorts and a crop top and it doesn’t bother me at all, but once you can see too much boob cleavage or ANY sort of bum cleavage, I’m instantly in the bad books with that outfit. So this is definitely playing to my tastes.

2015 Logie Awards - Arrivals

I’ve put these two side by side because they’re pretty much exactly the same dress but with different detailing. Mel McLaughlin on the left, Jennifer Hawkins on the right.
I like everything on Jen’s better. That is to say, less is more. I generally hate belts on dresses. Unless you’re out for brunch, or say the wife of a cowboy and you just ride horses in reasonably nice dresses like they do in the movies, they are unacceptable. A belt makes a dress look wayyyyy more casual than it should, and has no place on nice going out outfits, and you’re at the LOGIES for god sakes woman. Just get a dress that fits you nicely around the waist to begin with. Not sure if Jen is actually wearing a belt, but it looks just like band of material around her waist so if so, well disguised Ms Hawkins. Also not a fan of the leather detailing on Mel’s dress. Could have been deployed in a cool way but I think it just looks matronly here. You know how older lady stores pick one material and then make it into enough variations of a top or a skirt or a dress that they could dress the entire of over 60 ladies in Australia in the same pattern? You know how they often have one material that they use for “interest” on those tops and dresses and skirts that splashes across them in weird diagonal angles because their clothes are “hip”? That’s exactly what that leather looks like. You may have no idea what I’m talking about but I have the vision in my head. It looks.. random and geriatric. The pumps also look more sophisticated than the strappy shoes.
I feel like these pictures are an entire Cosmopolitan “10 Ways Your *Insert Item Here* Looks Cheap” article all by themselves, Mel sadly being the cheaper version of the two. (Those are really interesting articles by the way, and I find them to be almost entirely true, so check them out!)

2015 Logie Awards - Arrivals

You lost me at the underbutt, Cassie Howarth.

2015 Logie Awards - Arrivals

Megan Gale being very.. Megan Gale. A dress that would probably look strange on most, mostly because she’s fighting against a bow for her right to keep breathing, pulled off with aplomb by someone who is professionally paid to look good in clothes. This makes sense.

2015 Logie Awards - Arrivals

OH DELTA. LITERALLY THE MOST AWFUL THING I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME. I can’t deal with drop waists most of the time, and this one is made worse by that absolutely hideous midsection. I can literally see the indentation of her belly button, you guys. This shouldn’t be happening. It looks like it’s made out of old tires, but ones that have been super worn out because BELLY-BUTTON INDENTATION MY GOD. It’s kinda shiny at the same time which also adds another layer of why, when you have so much going on with this dress, why did you make it sparkly as well. I’d say throw out everything just below her boobs and starts again but it’s all bunchy on the left-hand side, and it also is somehow making her boobs look uneven.
The devil in a dress, I swear to god.

cheyenne tozzi logies

“Oh I just arrived at this party and noticed that my evil half sister Cassandra is here, I must throw a drink in her face and then pretend to faint so her husband will come and comfort me, and I will remind him of the affair we had where he almost left her but was forced to stay because of her terrible accident which resulted in a brain transplant.” That level of drama.

All photo credit goes to here.

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