Rubi Shoes’ Runners: Product Review // My Style

As you probably know, I’m not a super fan of wearing runners in daily life. I find it kind of strange, especially now that runners have become a fashion statement. Let’s be clear – I’m never going to invest in a pair of nikes just so I can wear them shopping. I do exercise though. I’ve had the same pair of runners from Kmart for about 3 years, and they’ve served me well for all I use them for, which is pretty much just running in lots of different locations.
On a recent shopping trip though, I came across a pair of really nice looking runners at Cotton On Body (So Rubi Shoes, Cotton On, they’re all the same brand and sell each others stuff). I won’t fork out hundreds of dollars for some Nikes but these were only 30 dollars, so I thought, what the hell! I’m going to be fashionable while I run up the Thousand Steps! Definitely a step in a different direction for me because workout gear = something I’d probably never spend good money on when I can workout perfectly fine in a t-shirt and leggings.

When I wore these for the first time someone actually asked me if they were Nike’s, so mission accomplished on that part I guess.
Here’s a pretty average picture of them in the carpark of a national park, great photography skills.
And let me just say that before I really understood exercise, when I was younger, I would wear my converse when I went running. Yeah that actually happened.

And that’s exactly what these runners felt like.
Literally no support for your feet inside, I was pretty damn sore after a couple of laps of the steps, and when I tried just walking normally afterwards I noticed I was limping because my ankles were killing me.
I’m guessing Cotton On decided to jump on the trendy runner bandwagon, but purely the fashion side of it, not the actually practical exercise side. Which is dumb, because they they’ve invested in so many sports related clothing and accessorie lines. If Kmart can make a pair of runners that work properly for $12, surely you can make ones that look nice and have some sort of pratical function for $30, Cotton On.

If you’re looking for a pair of cheap, pretty runners that you can wear to Tramp, out to lunch or to your local house party (lord I will never understand) these are the babies to go for. If you have any sort of physical activity planned, I’d steer right away.

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