Amber Heard Is a Pivotal Moment // “When I Live My Life Over Again” Premiere

amber heard live

Even with the watermark, this was the best photo I could find of this dress. It took a little digging because it looks surprisingly different from angle to angle. I really like the style of it, even the really low point of the drop waist. It seems to be kind of inspired by fishtail hemlines, but in a way more relaxed way. I think the sequins are really what gives the colour enough life for it to work – a fabric brown would have been a little dull for such simple styling. Her head is perfection – literally a perfect human. I’d love to know if those colour variations on the front are a design feature or just the way the light has caught the dress, although they seem pretty consistent between every photo. I’m not sure if I’d like it more with or without them! The bodice around the top is probably the biggest downfall of this dress – that ill-fitting part around her right boob came back again and again in shot after shot but I ain’t condemning her for it. It’d be hard to make it sit right without making a fitted bodice which probably wouldn’t suit the style of the dress. Looser, more comfortable, I dig.
This is one of my favourite looks of the year so far for SURE.

Link for pic is here.

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