Cara Was Made For Trackies // CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards

Is it just me or is something about Cara Delevingne when she dresses up for events somewhat.. unconvincing?


Like obviously she is a model and she does this for living, so most clothes look reasonably good on her even if they wouldn’t on anyone else. But she always seem mildly out of her comfort zone, and like someone else picked her clothes for her and forced her to wear them against her better judgement. In that previous sentence I almost wrote “against her better jumpsuit”, which I think is quite apt here. Because it’s not bad, in fact I really like the top half, but the bottom just seems to be sitting a bit oddly. It could be slightly better. But when it comes down to it her attitude towards what she’s wearing really, it just doesn’t carry it for me. She looks posed and instructed in most pictures, and when she looks more natural, her outfits tend to be a lot crazier and hideous.
I just get the feeling she doesn’t really DO this whole red carpet thing. She can walk a runway no worries, that her job and she owns it, but in her spare time she’d much rather be wearing her pizza onsie and be done with it. She always seems 100 times more herself when shes in her hoodie and jeans than when you see her at any award show.
And that’s fine, I just think it means that she struggles to carry a lot of what she wears.

This dress that she wore to the MTV Movie Awards for example, could have looked really great on someone but some reason it just doesn’t on her. Reem Acra is an incredible designer but he ain’t no magician. For starters I don’t think it’s really her style, and once again she looks uncomfortable in it and something in her eyes scream “I want to be at home eating nachos”. She’s a gorgeous girl, and of course she’ll continue to attend red carpet events, but for the most part I just don’t think it’s her kettle of fish.

Link for pic one, pic two

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