Dropping Shrooms Was a Good Choice: Crazy Colours and Combinations // Chanel Dinner @ Tribeca Film Festival

Whilst not the only people wearing colour at this dinner, the theme of the night seemed to be black, so I’m super glad these ladies were there to inject some light into our lives.


This is what I call the “colour swatch” material in my head, because it looks exactly like what you’d pick up from the homewares store when deciding what colour to paint your bathroom. I’ve seen it before, multiple times, but I can’t remember for the life of me when or on who. So you’re just going to have to trust me on that one! This iteration is.. odd.  I guess I’d probably never be brave enough to wear it so it’s difficult for me to pick out points for improvement without being like “JUST TOSS THE WHOLE THING”, but I definitely think the cape is too much. This is a complex fabric that requires simple execution and that cape just looks messy. More so because this is clearly a lightweight material, so it’s never going to sit where you want it to, because any movement will make it fly away and do whatever it wants. I don’t like the belt, but it does need something to cinch it in at the waist, otherwise it would just be a giant bag. The belt looks better than just elastic would, but it still doesn’t look good. I can’t think of a better alternative though so I’ll let that one slide.
And once again the weightlessness of the material makes the hem sit strangely and also look a bit cheap. I feel like ironing it a bit better could have solved that problem though?
You can tell I’m not a fan of this one, but 10/10 for the shoes, would bang.


Cobie Smulders is one of those unfortunate people who I can’t seperate my feelings for between her and the character she plays in a television show. She’ll always be Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother to me. And I’m not a fan of Robin. Mostly she annoys me, in that she never has any idea when what she’s got going is good and just ruins everything, and she just seems like she feels better than everyone else because she’s a girl and she smokes cigars and drinks scotch and has very few girlfriends and aren’t I such a badass. Also she’s supposed to play the “Rachel Green” or iconic “hot girl” of the group and that doesn’t come across very well for me.
So straight away, Cobie is starting at a disadvantage.
That style of top is one of my personal un-favourites (yep that’s a word now), probably because any time I see it in my everyday life, it’s cheaply made, and is mostly deployed by people who pair it with leggings and unflattering jeans. It’s the staple of the wardrobe of heaps of people around me, and being the contrary fashion cosumer that I am, because heaps of people I know wear it, I don’t like it. The colours are nice though and I’d love to see them put to use on something else.
The pants are just legions and legions of “eh” to me, pretty boring, but not in a way that they just support the entire outfit, in a way that kind of drags it down.
I know I sound like I’m being super harsh, but I definitely realise I have a whole lot of bias in this situation. If this was say, Gigi Hadid, I’d probably think it was nice enough. Not great, but nice.


This – as crazy as it is – I love. The pulled in waist look has appeared ona number of dresses in the past and I personally am a massive fan, a really good example being this number worn by Blake Lively. It’s been accessorised really well: that’s to say, sparingly, with gorgeous shoes and not much else. A dress like this really needs to stand on it’s own and that’s exactly what Anja Rubik has let it do.

What are your thoughts on these looks?

Link for pic one, pic two, and pic three.

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