Charo is Cheering Up Your Tuesday // 42nd Emmy Awards

Charo is another one of those people whoΒ I love because she gives me endless entertainment. Like Lady Victoria Hervey before her, looking at an archive of her outfits is really as close as it gets to being 100% happy in life. Unlike Lady Herv though, she does it with such inane positivity and cluelessness that she gets more respect from me without even trying. Pink Lady Apple Herv (Yes I will change her name every time I write it. It’s like Bimberduke Cumquatsquat’s** name, if you write it the same twice, you lose.) seems to be 100% aware of what people think of her, what image she’s projecting, and seemly goes out of her way to be the half-dressed-pointless-attendee at every event that she’s at. Charo really just seems to pick stuff up and be like “I THINK THIS WOULD LOOK SUPER NICE I’M TOTALLY GONNA WEAR IT! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D” (She’s always yelling with happiness in my head), and then wears it out, 100% happy with her decision and under the impression that everyone else loves it and her. I mean how could you NOT love her?? Her euphoria in every picture I see of her, that face wide smile, is so contagious. She’s probably the cutest 64 year old I’ve ever seen.

I mean this is clearly one of those dresses you buy for a dress up party when you decided to go as a DisneyΒ princess, but you can only buy “sexy” versions of everything, like “sexy” snow white or “sexy” cinderella. So you buy this one, and you’re really not entirely sure which princess it’s supposed to represent but it has puffy shoulders and it’s made out of shiny material so you totally have the “princess” part of the outfit down. Unfortunately it’s also short enough to show all of your genitalia and comes with a matching g-string, because what says “sexy” more than “This is 100% of what I have to offer. You have now seen my entire body.”

But does it bother me that Charo is dressed as a non-descript-generic-sexy-princess, complete with a wanna-be princess hair-do? Not at all! Because she’s clearly so happy with her decision and so happy in general and just totally floating on a cloud of cluelessness and completely ecstatic energy right now! You can’t hate anyone who;s THAT happy!

** Benedict Cumberbatch, if some of you are REALLY lost right now πŸ˜›
Β Link to pic is here.

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