Current Obsession: Ripped Jeans // My Style

Just the other day I realised that I have a slight obsession with ripped jeans. After buying two pairs in one day I was like yep, 2 pairs of ripped jeans is enough, I don’t need ANY more. But wait I already had 3 pairs at home. That’s 5 PAIRS of ripped jeans. Maybe slightly excessive, for a piece of clothing that really has quite limited places you can wear it. It’s not like they’re the “black blazer” of the pants department.  I tried to cull but then I thought, they all have their merits, so really what can I do!
So here they are, the slightly too extensive list of all of my ripped jeans, when I got them, and the story they tell about how my wardrobe got shaped!


Ahh the pair that started it all. I bought these at Year 10 Queensland Camp (That’s 6 YEARS AGO you guys, way ahead of the trend), whilst we had a shopping day at Pacific Fair. They were a size too big and they were $90, the most I’d spent on one piece of clothing at that point. But I didn’t care, I had to have them! They were annoying to wear without a belt because they kept slipping down, but I wore them religiously cause they were obviously the coolest thing I owned. Then I left them at my mates house in Shepparton for a year, and when I got them back I re-loved them for about a month, and then they found their way to the back of my closet.
Today I pull them out probably once every 6 months, but the rips in the knees have gotten too large for them to really be practical, and they’re STILL a size too big so the con’s way out the pro’s when it comes to wearing them. But I feel like they’re an iconic moment in my fashion history, so I can’t bear to throw them out.


The gap in my ripped-jean-buying-timeline was large, as I got these just over a year and a half ago at a scout camp in Echuca. I had seen girls wearing grey jeans with just a singular rip line rip on each knee and neeeeeeeded to find a pair for myself. I had been searching for the perfect fitted pair for months when I found these. Ironically, I found them in Sportsgirl so I didn’t really need to travel 3 hours from home to do it, but oh well. I immediately fell in love with them, and then after a little while decided they were a bit big and then hated them, but just recently I decided no, they’re not too big they’re just not super tight, which is a-okay with me. Currently one of my favourite pairs and in constant rotation in my wardrobe.


Probably one of the most boyfriend-jeans styled jeans I own, which is funny because they’re not really that baggy at all. But they’re not straight-up skinny jeans so that is the defining factor. I found these on my new favourite website, and when I saw the words “camo” and “jeans”  and “ripped” together in one sentence I pretty much knew I was in heaven. I love all things camo patterned, and nobody quite understand to the point that one of my friends says “ew” whenever I pick up something camo patterned just to put me off, because she knows I have ENOUGH. I really liked the rip position on these as well, because it’s quite unusual, which really does suit the entire unusual style of these pants well. They’re made out of the cotton-y feeling denim as well so they’re super comfy. So great for lazy days when I’ve gotta look a bit fashion-forward as well.


The first of the two pairs I bought the other day, these ones are a bit hit and miss. I bought them from an asian style store so the sizes are TINY, and 8 was the largest they had. I bought the 8 but I really really could have gone a 10. They look great when I’m standing up, but when I sit down they create fat I don’t even have and make it stick out the knee holes. So you know, just don’t sit down and you’ll be fine. Unless you spend like 30 seconds carefully arranging yourself. I couldn’t pass up such a classic pair though, the colour is spot on and the rips are really well constructed, so they won’t be 872% more ripped in the near future.


My absolute favourite pair of jeans that I own. This goes the same as the pair above in that they’re a really small size 8, but because the rips are smaller and they’re high waisted it’s hardly a problem. Normal black skinny jeans are great, they make you look slim and really well styled. THESE ones, being as small and snug as they are, are like body shapers on me. My ideal legs are pretty much what my legs look like in these jeans. They’re also really special because they’re called “ankle-grazer” jeans and they actually graze my ankles! I almost always fold all my jeans up to that length anyway, but that means I have to choose between a cuff or a random bump of material at the bottom of each leg after I’ve folded it under.
The clean lines you get from having jeans that actually end at your ankles was unknown to me before, but I’m so in love with it now.

What trend are you currently obsessed with? Tell me! 🙂

All pics in this post taken my me 🙂

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