Detatched Dresses // MTV Movie Awards

One emerging trend that we got to see a lot of at the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend was dresses with separate sections. It’s always been a bit of a crowd pleaser, but I love that there was so many iterations of it, because it’s definitely a personal favourite of mine!

emily rat

I absolutely LOVE Emily Ratajwoski’s number! The colour, first of all, is incredible and i really wish more people would DO green because it looks great on most people. I also really like the style of it, not too short, not too long, simple design. It really does have to be simply to play well with the terminator half-bra she’s got going on the left hand side. She’s totally that chick who turns out to be a FemBot and has machine guns pop out of her boobs, in that Austin Powers movie that I can’t remember the name of.
But in all honestly it’s a seriously cool design, I love mixing metallic beading and design into regular dresses and this definitely takes the cake for originality. I think you really need to have the attitude to pull this dress off, and Emily is pretty much permanently smouldering so she’s perfect for the job!


This one has me a little confused.. for some reason it really reminds me of a nightie?  I think the colour combination doesn’t really work for me, maybe with an orange or a red that was a little bit more hard-hitting would suit the style of dress more. And the blue section really does just look soooo random. The fact that it’s not the same length as the rest of the skirt almost looks like a mistake.
I love the sea urchins, so we should just lift them off this dress entirely and do something else cool with them.

victoria justive

I really feel like the combination of the sparkles, the colours and the hair makes Victoria Justice look like she’s about 16.
I actually had no idea how old she was, so she COULD have been 16 and this could have been entirely appropriate but no she’s 22, so hence, I don’t like this. If the entire thing wasn’t made out of sparkles I think that would have instantly made this a whole lot more sophisticated, or if the connecting pattern wasn’t baby pink. It’s a really cool idea, and maybe even with different styling it could have been an entirely different story.
The hair is just a bit too 2000’s high school student, the shoes not really giving any interest at all. The cuff is cool, but it’s trying to make this look more grown-up all on it’s own, and that’s a big burden to bear.
I’d say this could have been great but it missed the mark for me.

Who do you think was best and worst dressed at the MTV Movie Awards?

Link for pic one, pic two, pic three.

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