Kylie & Kendall Are At Opposite Ends of The Spectrum // Coachella

jenners1I feel like Kylie Jenner is yet to really find out who she is. Kendall is a model, she’s got a vision of who she is and where she wants to go, her own identity outside the Kardashian-Jenner empire. But Kylie always just seems a bit lost whenever I see or hear of her.
Out of these two outfits I am probably more likely to wear what Kylie is wearing, mostly because I think Kendall’s is very you-must-be-a-model-for-this-to-look-good, and Kylie is closer to my body type. However it just comes across that Kylie really still doesn’t really know she’s doing, and is therefore doing everything and anything to try and find her fashion place. It’s a decent outfit for sure, but she looks super staged and kind of uncomofortable wearing it. Her bright turquoise hair also looks extremely wig-like, because it’s either extension or hair that has died a fair bit under the weight of being dyed like 8 times a month, and it’s really adding to the appearance that everything she wears is an experiement and a test-run.
It’s also quite Kim Kardashian-esque, which I don’t think is something that really suits her that well.
I could be oer anaylsing, but I just don’t think shes okay with who she is right now and it really comes across in the way she presents herself.
Which is 100% okay of course, she’s 17 and it’s definitely a transition stage. Very few 17 year olds are totally comfortable with who they are, as high school starts to end, and real life starts to creep up on you.
I want good things for her, I want her to not be a clone of her step-sisters and do something really great with her life, and it’s fine that she hasn’t started to do that yet, because her life really is just beginning. I just hope she realises the worth and potential she has as a person, that every single person has, because she keeps wearing and doing stuff that stresses me out. You can do this thing called life Kylie!

Pic is from here

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