Kate Bosworth Is Above All Of You // Coachella

kate bosworth

I am kind of dying over the angel-like being that is Kate Bosworth.
This outfit is so incredible and she looks so incredible. I super love that she decided to go with a red/pink lip, because many would have chosen a nude with this outfit, and I think the whole colour scheme is too nude in itself for that kind of lip to look any good.
Accessories really are what has made this outfit what it is, all just building on the very basic foundation of a white shirt-dress, and it could have easily gone a lot further south with some different styling. The jacket is incredible – I lust after denim jackets of almost any description and this one is so classic and original I would kill to have it. Nek minnit “Kate Bosworth Dead – Jacket Missing”.
None of her accessories really match in other in a way that you’d lay them out on your bed and be like “yes, these are a set”, but somehow they all work really well together, of course playing with the overall brown, white and beige colour theme. The fact that her boots are suede makes this outfit even better, and I don’t think that’s a sentence that I have ever written or spoken before. She actually designed them for her own Matisse shoe line, which isn’t really that surprising, because if anyone could create suede boots that are wearable, it would be Kate Bosworth
Topped with aviators, which are a classic in almost any situation, I can’t think of a single way to improve this outfit at all.
If I could buy the whole thing together and in full, I would save for years if necessary.

Link for pic is here.

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