The Hilton Sisters Are Trend AWARE // Coachella


Paris: “How great are our outfits Nicky? Like freeflowing hippy stuff is really in right now, and these blue patterns like reflect how we feel about mother earth. The water feeds our soul.
Nicky: Yeah, for sure.
Paris: Like hippy chick is really whats happening right now, I mean everyone who is anyone knows that. Especially for festivals.
Nicky: Yeah, definitely.
Paris: I mean, even if we were a little bit off, like that’s why I brought my black suitcase, so we can duck into the toilets and put our other outfit on and be like “We were just joking before you guys! We know what we’re wearing now is ACTUALLY in!”
Nicky: Oh totally

Paris: I knew this was the better outfit, I just had to suss the vibe of the place, you know? See what fashion pot they were cooking. I’m so glad we changed. Lace is SO in right now.
Nicky: Right!
Paris: Also visible bras, and my bra is SO visible. And you can see my midriff. Could I GET any cooler?
Nicky: No way babe!

Okay that might be a mildly unfair representation of the Hilton sisters, especially because this was actually day one and day two of Coachella, so she didn’t bring a change of clothes in her bag, she just wore something different the second day, because you know, people change clothes everyday.
It’s just the view I’ve built up of them. The Hilton’s were big when I was about 11/12, so back when I really didn’t care that much about celebrities or fashion or parties or anything of the like. They were still always in the news though, so I heard about them quite regularly. Even back then, I remember thinking that Paris was just a little bit.. tacky and past her prime? And that WAS her prime. That was the dead middle of it.
So now Paris is 34 and still wearing clothes and trends that are popular with 19 year olds. She really does just come across like she’s trying too hard, ALL the time. And she always has to me.
Nicky has honestly always just seemed aloof, and like she would just agree with everything Paris says purely to get her to shut the hell up. I’m sure that’s not their relationship considering they went to Coachella together on “National Sibling Day” but hey.

In these pictures they are both the epitome of trying to do every trend there ever was, without an inch of originality. Paris more-so. Hippy-babe, lace garment, midriff bearing, chilled child of the earth look IS in right now, but with people who just hit drinking age. You’re 34. Don’t you think it’s worth putting some thought into maybe growing up a little bit?

Both pics can be found here.

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