Michael B Jordan VS Nick Jonas: Who Tarted It Better? // MTV Movie Awards

micheal b jordan 1

Micheal B Jordan looked mega fine on the weekend at the MTV Movie Awards. I love a man who can rock a tartan. I did find it kind of unusual that he pulled it out 2 days ago though, when a mere 2 weeks prior, Nick Jonas made the statement first at the iHeartRadio Music Awards:

nick jonas

I was almost certain they were the same when I first saw Micheal, but after close analysis we can see there are minor differences. Not really enough difference for his effort to not come across a little like the second act in the fashion musical though. I feel bad for him, he probably had this planned for months and then when he saw Nick pull it out he was like OH HELL NO, I DID NOT LEAVE THE SOUTHSIDE FOR THIS (aka “OH HELL NO, This sucks but I’m going to wear it anyway!”. Mean girls quotes are always appropriate, if somewhat ill-fitting).
Personally, I like Nick’s better. I’ve never really been a fan of double-breasted suites, and this one really brings in the jacket around his waist, something that I don’t think is particularly flattering on a guy.
I also like the pattern better on Nick’s, it’s more subdued, and I don’t know why that’s a positive but I just like it like that.
As a person I like Michael way better, so it’s surprising his ripper personality didn’t just bring it home for me, but I guess I just like my men single breasted (yeah that just happened).

What do you think?!

Link for first pic is here, second is here.

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