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Recently, I’ve read a few articles declaring that “Festival Fashion” and various incarnations of it need to die. The one that was the most popular was stylist Stacy London stating that festival fashion has become predictable, all about skin, and just really needs to be offed entirely. You can find it here, as reported by US weekly. Cosmopolitan also ran an article titled “10 Music Festival Fashion Trends That Need To Die”, stating everything they thought was wrong with festival fashion.

My honest thoughts on both of these articles and general criticism of festival fashion culture is “loosen up and have some fun would ya”.

Agreed, festival fashion has become somewhat predictable, and dressing for them has become simpler than deciding what to wear to dinner, because I know with a crop top and denim shorts I can’t go wrong. That said, there are literally SO many public and private spheres that have extremely predictable dress codes. Going to a fancy club in the city? Oh well dress and heels it is then. Going to a rock concert? Vans and black jeans will do me well. Just because you can accurately predict what to wear to make you blend into the crowd doesn’t mean that entire trend should just keel over. If so, pretty much every single style of dress in any social situation is pointless and “should die”. If anything, Festivals give you MORE room to break the mould and wear something a little crazy and a little different, because most people are comfortable with the fact that festivals provide an avenue for that sort of thing. You expect to see at least 4 or 5 people at a festival wearing something you deem to be utterly insane, but completely and totally their own style and fashion decisions. People are less forgiving about such instances in pretty much any other situation ever, dress codes at heaps of public places being a quite obvious example of that.

And that is literally why festival fashion needs to stay. Where else can you can get as crazy as you like and wear something that you couldn’t wear anything else and have almost everyone else around you embrace it? Festivals are like fashion gone wild, with versions of things that you’d never even imagined coming into your line of sight and making you think “I literally may never see something that out there ever again”.

People hating on the festival fashion movement seem somewhat stale to me. They are the kind of people who stand in corners at parties dissing what everyone else is wearing, whilst the girl in the fluro pink skater dress and fuzzy slippers has approximately 178937891738189 times more fun than them, because she’s not spending her time being worrying about fashion crises are happening at this very moment in time. That may sound hypocritical because I do in fact spend this entire blog judging what other people are wearing, but it doesn’t worry me to the extent that I’m telling people that their trend needs to DIE. I may hate what you’re wearing, and I may want to tear my eyeballs out just looking at you, but you do you babe. The fact that you love illusion netting may kill my very soul (AND WE KNOW THAT IT DOES), but if you’re wearing something you love the look of and feel great in, why the hell do I have any business trying to enforce my will on you and the rest of the world?

I will continue to complain about ugly outfits, and inform celebrities that they could in fact have dressed themselves much better, but I will never say that goth needs to stop happening, or punk needs to stop happening, because people are free to express themselves however they wish.

Whether that be in a leather bikini at Lolapalooza or in a high fashion blazer in the private world of Stacy London.

Stop being negative and killin our vibe.

And on that note, let the Coachella coverage begin!

Link to pic is here.

3 thoughts on “Festival Fashion: The Great Debate // My Style

  1. Funny, I read a couple of these articles about fashion festival trends should be dieing, but after reading your view I think I agree more with you. You make a good case that everything has some sort of dress code anyways and festivals is where one can totally rock whatever they want! Love this, keep up these awesome articles! ^.^


    1. This is such an amazing comment, thanks so much! I’ve always felt passionately about everyone being able to have an opinion, but not taking it to the extreme that you’re overbearing other people! I just love how people can be so truly themselves at festivals, and I don’t think it’s a culture we should lose!
      Thankyou so much !!! xx

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