V Herve Is At It Again // Variety And Formula E Hollywood Gala

V Herve, or Lady Victoria Hervey to many of you, is one of my favourite people. Shes super random, in the 15-year-olds-over-use-that-word way. Wikipedia describes her as “English model, socialite, aristocrat and former It Girl”. Note that Wikipedia no longer considers her to be an It Girl. She formerly was, but she no longer is, apparently. Harsh burn, Wikibro.
The only reason I know who she is is because she rocks up to places half-dressed and mostly naked, like all the time. I have no idea what she’s doing at pretty much any event she turns up to, because it doesn’t seem like she does anything for a living. She’s like the English version of Paris Hilton. And actually kind of looks like her too now that I think about it?
But seriously she’s so great, so much entertainment.
These are a few of her half-cooked crack-pot how-naked-can-I-get outfits, my personal faves.


This, I think was the inspiration behind Irina Shayk and Rita Ora’s half naked dresses, and I did make the connection back then as well.





Isn’t she just a gem?! She’s more naked more often than Rihanna. I think I know more about her body than I do my own.

So this dish she served up at Variety and Formula E Hollywood Gala is actually quite restrained, considering her past, but she still did give it a good dose of the classic Herve flavour (Was that too many cooking metaphors in one sentence? My bad).


You already know I take issue with the illusion netting, if this had been boned at the top and fitted around her chest I think it could have been a really nice opening. Most of it isn’t particularly noteworthy, but of course she just would not be able to deal if we couldn’t almost see at least one of her private areas, so she opted for her behind in this one. It’s actually not an awful slit though, if I’m honest, and quite tactful in what it reveals and what it makes sure it hides. It’s one of those dresses that really changes in context depending on who’s wearing it. If it was, say, Taylor Swift (not that she would ever but bare with me) I’d probably think it less cray, more interesting and unusual.
But there are probably very few situations where sparkles over illusion netting doesn’t look like a ice-skating outfit or just plain tacky, and I don’t think this is one of them.
But this is what The Herve does, and what she is known for. Who am I to tell her to class it up? She’d probably lose her whole identity if she did.
You keep on Hervin’.

Link for pic one, pic two, pic three, pic four, pic five, pic six.

7 thoughts on “V Herve Is At It Again // Variety And Formula E Hollywood Gala

  1. she dresses awfully and is an actress ,but actually comes from a family line of earl’s, dukes and marquess of bristol her family line comes from great history dating back to the tudors. (here family title comes after a prince) she’s no paris hilton she comes from the royal world.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, I figured when WIkipedia said she was an aristocrat! πŸ™‚ And also when she had Lady at the start of her name, no way she’s been knighted hahhaha. Lady of the crown, Lady of the hotel line, what’s the difference hahaha πŸ˜›


      1. haha love your sense of humour. her family title is much more then a knight thats at the bottom you get knighted they are born into titles. hr great grandaddys godmother was queen of spain. she’s actually a shame on her family i would say.


      2. So royalty can still have exceptionally bad taste haha! Thtas crazy though, I didn’t realise she was THAT royal, it kind of makes you glad that countries are no longer run by monarchs, you can choose not to elect the crazy, but you can’t avoid those who are born into it!


      3. i know and another fact I’m full of them this week her grandad did go mad. love your blog though fab post made my day x


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