Hilary Duff – HAIRSPIRATION // “Younger” Premiere

Heaps of hype around the “Granny hair” trend at the moment, and I’ll be honest, I’m a fan. I’m really loving the more steely grey (great example is here, I’m like 90% sure they spray painted her hair for the show but a girl can dream right!) rather than the white grey, cause as opposite to the trend as it sounds, the white-grey really does look like you’re like 80 years old whereas the darker greys are quite obviously an added colour. I really really really want to try a cool colour in my hair because I’ve just been blonde my entire life, bleach blonde with a black streak in my fringe (it was cool okay) at a point, but always just blonde.
I;m stuck between a rock and a hard place though because my current employer doesn’t allow unnatural colours in your hair, and I will never be able to get a job in the corporate realm, as I’m currently trying to do if I dye it.
So I have to be happy with same same.
Which I’m slightly okay with but every time I see my friend at our local pub he’s like “Wow I love your hair Sheri, did you do something new?” in a totally sarcastic voice and no matter how many times I say “SHUTUP KYLE” I still die a bit cause I really haven’t changed my hair in forever and it’s depressing.
I LoOoOOoOoOVE the way Hilary Duff has done it:


It’s grey but it’s mostly blue-grey, resulting in the coolest colour ever without going full nanna or full bright turquoise on your head. Hilary just looked all round amazing at this premiere, and if I had more hours in the day I’d totally review if for you but alas, time is short. Just search “Hilary Duff Younger Premiere” to bask in the sweet glow that is this outfit.
This is seriously my ideal hair colour right, and in my woe I just can’t help feeling everything will look better with it.
I never thought the day would come that Hilary Duff would be my style inspiration but there’s a first for everything I guess!

Link for pic is here

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