My Fav Recent Purchases #2 // MY STYLE

Hey y’all, how was all of your Easters?! Mine was great, but not even remotely Easter-y. It took me until yesterday to realise that I actually didn’t get chocolate off anyone – I guess the whole family decided at once that once you’re 21, you can buy your own god damn chocolate! I went out clubbing on Thursday, spent Friday hanging with my boyfriend and his family, got dinner with friends at night. Saturday I had breakfast with a friend, and left for camping with my boyfriend and some friends in the afternoon. Didn’t get back until Monday night and then the long weekend was over! Both my parents and I were away so no family gatherings, either! Easter has never really been a big thing for my family, although every year until this year I’ve done an egg hunt with my cousins at my Oma’s, so I guess there was real sense of “wow I’m really growing up now”.

So what better way to kick things off after a great long weekend with a “My Fav Recent Puchases” post. I call it my “favourite” recent purchases because by no means is it all I’ve bought since I last posted about it, just the best and most statement pieces. I buy about 3-4 new things a week so I could literally post one of these every Sunday if I wanted to, but who has the time!


Floral Cami Top – Forecast, $19.95

No this is not a drill! All those who are as childlike as I am up top, you now have a saviour. I discovered Forecast at Knox recently (Knox is my local shopping centre and I refer to it so often I thought I’d just give it a name, so I don’t have to keep being like “my local shopping centre”, so lengthy!), and I have noo idea how long it’s been there but I only just noticed it. I was looking for a new black blazer, because I lost mine on the weekend and I got called in to a last-minute job interview, so I was on the HUNT (ended up spending $120 on one at Portman’s, definitely excessive but it’s really really hard to find things that fit me properly so I gotta spend the cash if I want it to look good). They definitely didn’t have anyΒ blazers, but they had heaps of other nice stuff, and as aforementioned, THEY HAVE SIZE 4. It really depends on what brand I’m shopping at as to what size I am on the top, sometimes I can work an 8, but most of the time I’m a 6. But then quite often I’ll find myself thinking “I really need something smaller than a 6..” and at that point I usually just give in and buy something slightly too big, because you are kidding yourself if you think you’re gonna find a size 4 in pretty much any store in Melbourne. And, in fact, most online stores as well. That’s why up until now, Missguided was my bae cause they DO stock size 4, and they were the only place I had found that had. UNTIL NOW. LOVE HEARTS EYES!!


Printed Skirt – Glue, $39.95

The thing about Glue is, I spend a crazy amount of money there. My members discount went up from 5% to 8% because I had spent over $2500 there.. yeah. But it’s cause they consistently have stuff that I love! I wasn’t even really shopping the day I got this, I just went to Knox to pay a speeding fine at the post office (dont judge pls), but it’s almost impossible for me not to stop by Glue because they always have great sales and awesome stuff. A very spur of the moment buy, but I’m finding I’m really into printed skirts at the moment, I’ve been collecting them for about 6 months, and this was just a really cool pattern. And the style of it just makes it that much more interesting.


Sherpa Jacket –Β Osmosis, $49.95

Not actually sure if this style of jacket is actually called a “Sherpa Jacket” but that’s what my mum keeps calling it, so it’s stuck. We have 2 Osmosis’s at Knox, an indoor one and an outdoor one. The theory behind it is that the outdoor one is the ski focused one, and the indoor one is the surf focus one. So whilst you can buy a lot of the same stuff at both, Rusty, Billabong, etc, you can only buy ski jackets and snowboards at the outdoor one, and surfboards and wetsuits at the indoor one. But the outdoor one is closing down, I think? It has massive “closing down sale” signs, but lots of people say it’s just moving indoors or it’s becoming a permanent Osmosis sale location. EITHER WAY point is, they have an AMAZING sale on at the moment and I kinda wanted to buy everything but limited myself to just 3 things, and this was one of those things. I recognise that I really don’t have many warm jackets and jumpers for winter so I took the sale opportunity to buy myself some that I’ll actually wear. This jacket was $170 reduced to $50, so there was no way I could pass up that opportunity! It’s pretty much the warmest and comfiest thing ever.


Pale Blue Anorak – Osmosis, $39.95

Another piece from my Osmosis splurge. I’ve been looking for an Anorak for quite a while, because when worn in the right way they look really classy. I found however, that it was pretty hard to find one that looked classy on me. I think I’ve tried at least 20 on over the last couple of months, but I couldn’t find any that looked right, and I was in no rush so I’ve just kept pushing on. This is a size 8, so it’s a bit big for me, especially in the arm department, but because it’s a jacket it doesn’t look strange if it’s a bit oversized. I just couldn’t pass it up because it’s the first Anorak, and the only, that I’ve found that actually suits me! (PS. Sorry about the dodgy photo, I tried for ages and couldn’t get a clear one!)

What cool stuff have you guys bought over the last few weeks? Stocking up for winter? Or summer if you’re on the other side of the world!

All pics in this post taken by me πŸ™‚

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