Princesses with Their Prints // The Jameson Empire Film Awards

Graphic prints look good on almost anyone who wears them, because I think they’re flattering to almost every body type. There are of course, exceptions, but there’s few I find I don’t like! The Jameson Empire Film Awards are “an annual British awards ceremony honoring cinematic achievements in the local and global film industry”, according to Wikipedia, and I’m super glad they supplied that so they can continue to focus on knowing things, and I can focus on the fashion at hand.


Lucy Boynton in what was my favourite look of the night. I often find myself a little disenchanted with jumpsuits, but for some reason when it turns into separates I immediately love it. I think because it sits better on most people? When you’ve got a top and pants it’s a lot easier to make it fit in all the right places, a lot easier to modify to each part of your body. I often find myself falling in love with top and pant combos for that reason, because they’re like jumpsuit suits except better. This one could have come off a little pyjama-y, due to the pattern and the fact that it’s silk, but she’s somehow avoided that and instead it just looks ace. I think plain black shoes were the perfect choice for her outfit, leaving her clothes to grab all the attention. The pant length is right on, and it’s all just generally great. I don’t think I could pull this off but she definitely can.

Continuing with the theme of sleeping related attire, I feel like this dress is a little “rumpled bed sheets at your bro’s bachelor pad”, but somehow I don’t mean that in a bad way. It looks cool, in that she just threw some material around her, applied some glue and headed out the door, and not one f was given that day. I think the cinched waist really helps in me thinking this is cool and not just gross-weird because it gives it enough shape to be chick rather than just rumpled strangeness. That aside I really do like that pattern and could definitely go a nice cami top in it, if someone wants to arrange that 😉



This is awesome conceptually, the tiger face print would definitely be awesome on something at some point (just don’t ask me to articulate where/when that would be) but I feel like maybe not the way its been executed here? It’s a very classic dress cut, very girly and feminine, and I think that the edginess of the print may be a bit wasted. Sure you could call it a clever juxtaposition, but mostly they just don’t really fit together. Maybe something more structured, with points and edges? I don’t know really, I’m just spitballling, but there’s something about the combination of this epic print and literally everything else about the outfit that doesn’t sit right with me. It’s probably also got something to do with Ellie Bamber, who just seems such an innocent soul, that it looks weird on her.


I spent ages analysing this dress in this photo AND in close-ups to determine whether this actually IS a print, or is some damn intricate embroidery. Pretty much all I did was confuse myself and I still have no idea either way so I’m just going to leave it here. Personally, I think I’d like this more if it was embroidery, as doily patterns that are just printed often feel like a little bit of let down once you discover they aren’t 3D. Like you’re at a red carpet event, get some detail into that thing if you’re gonna go in that direction. The pattern and coverage of this dress is leaning a little bit too close to Kim Kardashian Couch Dress territory for me, but I can’t say Jessica Chastain looks bad in it cause she definitely doesn’t. Her red hair really helps give this look a lot of life, it would look a lot more sombre on someone with brown or blonde. Although I’m still not a fan I think it may be a good example of perfect marriage between dress and person – on anyone else this would drown them, but she’s working it like it’s 1995 (I honestly have no idea what that means.. people say it so then I said it and god damn I’m such a sheep).

Link for pic one, pic two, pic three, and pic four.

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